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Things to do before going back to school

Things to do before going back to school


School is right around the corner, either you’re ready for it or not. I’m always ready for the routine but other than that, I’m never ready to say goodbye to summer. In many households back to school time equals stress time, that includes mine. 

My family likes to get prepared for school a few weeks before, get a little control back, a little normalcy and structure. Doing all the below helps us prep for a smooth start to the school year.



Let’s discuss ways you can go into the school year prepared, what things you should do before going back to school! 

New School Clothing

Go through your child’s dresser and closet, make a pile to get rid of if it doesn’t fit anymore or ripped/broken? Then make a list of things they’ll need, because most likely they won’t need everything. Keep school dress code in mind, the weather is usually still fairly warm beginning of school so maybe hold off on buying warmer clothing until things go on sale. Which they usually do a couple weeks after school starts. Don’t forget to wash any new items!!

School Supplies

Look at your child’s school supply list for this year. First go check out your pile they brought home last year and see if anything is still functionable and cross it off the list. Then pay attention to your local stores when they have school supplies on sale or look for any coupons. And keep in mind if you will need to replenish during the school it is cheaper to buy the items now with the sales.

Write name on items

This is something that is easy to do but a lot of folks wait till the last minute or forget to do it and then the items get lost or stolen. Write your child’s name on items that go to school with them, including water bottles, jackets, ect.


Do you have any appointments you needed to take your child to; doctor, dentist, eye doctor, ect? Get them taken care of before school starts, it’s just so much easier and convenient for everyone. Don’t forget if your child needs to take medication at school to get all the paperwork turned in.

Visit the school before the first day

Help calm those jitters by getting familiar with the school, even if the doors aren’t open yet, walk around outside and check out the playground. Meet some classmates at the playground. Most schools have an open house/meet the teacher night before the first day, make sure you attend that and bring your supplies with you to put in your desk/cubby. You’ll get a feel of the school/class, see who’s in your classroom, meet the teachers.


Start the year off with a clean fresh haircut, even you Mom/Dad. Get it at least a week before so you have time to get used to it or if they trim it too short.

Stock up on school foods

Prepare your fridge and pantry with healthy breakfast items, lunch items, and after school snacks. This is the time to stock up on school food items as the stores have them on sale and you can find coupons. Kids will need items that are healthy, fill them up and hold them over during the school day. 
If your child will be buying lunch make sure they have money on their accounts.

Homework station

Designate a homework station if your child doesn’t have a desk in their room. They will need a spot where they can focus and complete their work.

House clean – Don’t forget bedrooms!

I’m not talking about deep cleaning, but clean the house before school begins. Make sure things are put away and not cluttered all over, trash, laundry, dishes are all done. It will help the stress level when getting back into the school routine. Don’t forget the rooms, everyone will have a better night sleep and morning when everything’s in order. Have a designated spot for your child’s shoes, jacket/coat and backpack right by the door.

Go to bed early

Get started on the bed time routine one-two weeks before the first day. With summer comes staying up later and sleeping in, so it can be hard on your body and mind if you don’t get a proper amount of sleep time.

Before/after school care situated

If you’ll be needing before and after school care make sure you have that all situated and your child knows what’s going on and the routine they will need to follow.

Have a family meeting 

Sit down and have a family meeting. Go over the family rules now that school will be back in session and prepare your child for a great year. Rules about Bedtime, Electronics, Homework, and ect.

Family Calendar

Have a family calendar in your kitchen so everyone can easily look to see what’s going on and make notes to each other or reminders.

Prep the night before

A great routine to form is, get as much prepared the night before. Lay out clothes, get some of the lunch packed, have non perishable breakfast items sitting on the counter, make sure your alarm is set, have backpack packed and sitting near the door. And anything else you can think of that will save you some time and your sanity in the morning.

End of Summer Fun

Start a fun end of summer tradition. Maybe a last minute camping trip, beach trip, mountain trip. Or as simple as having ice cream for dinner, like we do and the kids absolutely love it. 


Take some breath and enjoy the last days of summer!





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Tammy Woodall

Monday 27th of August 2018

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Monday 13th of August 2018

It is important to label every school item because they easily get lost while at school :)


Sunday 12th of August 2018

I can’t believe summer is winding down! We are almost done with back to school prep! What a relief!