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Baby’s One Month Update #Piper

Baby’s One Month Update #Piper


baby's first month

After having kids you realize how quickly time flies. I can’t even believe Piper is already a month old, that I gave birth to a baby girl over a month ago.

It has been a great month so far, but exhausting too. Life is adjusting well with two kids, I love the age gap. Mason can be very helpful at times, and he is adjusting fairly well with needing to be calmer and also not having all the attention on him. (But there are still moments!)

We are all very much in love with this little girl and can’t wait to watch her grow up.

1 month

weight:: 10 pounds 6 ounces
height:: 22.5 inches

We’ve learned some things about Piper in this first month;

+ loves to be held, there are only a couple hours during the day that she isn’t being held so our ErgoBaby carrier is a life saver
+ hates the carseat! This is a tough one for us because it has really limited us from leaving the house. This month I was hoping we could get back into all our adventures and really enjoy summer before it ends, but it’s a rare occasion she isn’t upset having to be trapped in the carseat and I am so thankful I can be a SAHM
+ started smiling at 5 days old, such a smart cookie
+ has cooed and gurgled a little
+ she takes a pacifier and needs to be soothed by that or a bottle a lot
+ she’s in 0-3 and 3 month old clothing depends on the brand but I did recently have to start organizing the next size up because the jammies are getting too short
+ only likes to be swaddled at night and gets upset and frustrated in the evening if she doesn’t have her jammies on
+ loves bath time
+ very strong and loves lifting her head, likes tummy time
+ loves faces and voices
+ feet are ticklish


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