5 ways to save money this school year!

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A new school year can bring a lot of stress not just for your child but for us parents, who are supposed to buy all these school supplies and new school stuff! I’m here to tell you a couple tricks for saving some money this school year.

1. Fyi your child doesn’t need a whole new wardrobe just because it’s a new school year! After reading this here post go into your child’s dresser and closet, bring a paper and pen and look through all his/her clothes and shoes and write down what they REALLY need. Do they really need new underwear and socks? They will most likely not be wearing pants and long sleeve shirts for another month(or longer), can you wait for purchasing that stuff for maybe when everything goes on sale?! Teach your child that no one really pays attention if you’ve worn that top or jeans before, as long as it’s clean, stain free, free of holes and still fits. It’s perfect in my book!!

2. Check out your local thrift shop! Just a tip; thrift shops in wealthy communities have a ton of name brand clothes that have barely been worn! No body knows that you only paid $5, do you wear the tags?! Seriously though check out the thrift store for your child’s “new” school clothes, it sure beats paying full price and will save a ton of money! Just really take a look for any holes, stains, zippers work, buttons missing.

3. While you’re looking through their dresser/closet go take a look at the school supplies from last year, you most likely saved them. Will the scissors still work? What about school box? Those things are pretty sturdy! Heck, you won’t even have to write their name on them ;)

4. For school supplies, hit up the sales at your local grocery store, use coupons, check the dollar store first, bring the school supply list and try to purchase only what’s on the list. If a calculator isn’t on the list, don’t purchase it! Also, talk to someone that just graduated that grade last year and see if there are any supplies they had to purchase more of because it will save you some money buying now and also the teacher may ask the parents to bring in more supplies later in the year.

5. Let’s talk FOOD! Packing a lunch will save you money and you know what your child is eating. Buying in bulk and then dividing it up in individual packages yourself will always be the cheaper route, but if you prefer not to do that then stock up on all the non perishable snacks now because this is the time you will find coupons and they are on sale. Hang tight, I have a few more tips for food. School time can be a very busy time for families; after-school activities, work and all that. We tend to be rushed when it comes to meal time. Sunday could be a day you sit down and write a dinner menu and maybe prep some of the meals and/or prep breakfast for the week, whatever helps make your week run smoother and gets you a well balance nutritious diet. Make a snack drawer for your child’s after school snack with healthy options. Prep, Prep, Prep! Saves, Saves, Saves!
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5 ways to save money this school year


Sharing is caring!

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  • Jo-Anne
    August 11, 2015

    Some great tips here, for me they are pretty much common sense but not for everyone

    • Tabitha
      August 15, 2015

      True, hopefully it helps someone :)

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5 ways to save money this school year!