The Soto Diaper Bag makes life so much easier!

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Shopping for the perfect diaper bag is fairly high on most parents list. Whether you’re buying before baby comes or you just need an upgrade. We need organization, accessibility, durably, easy to clean, enough space for everything but not too bulky and reasonably priced. When our children are babies and toddlers the diaper bag is our purse so we want it convenient but also stylish.

We love the Soto Diaper Bag as it’s perfect for our everyday but also for when we’re traveling with the baby. It’s perfect for the family with multiple children or only one. We’ve been using the diaper bag for the past couple months now and it’s worked so well for my family and still looks brand new.

The Soto Diaper Bag is gender neutral so Dad’s feel comfortable carrying it, but it’s also stylish for us Mom’s too! It’s durable with extra protection on the bottom and easy to wipe clean, made with heavy duty herringbone upholstery with vegan leather details. Over the shoulder strap or hand held makes it easy to tote around.

It’s large and has plenty of compartments to stay organized. Pockets for baby bottles, a large zipper compartment as well as two large magnetic compartments. Easy access and organization is very important for me, as I hate having to dig through a bag looking for stuff and frustration sets in. I like when things have specific spots and can easily be found. This bag is plenty big for our daily activities as well as when we travel, it easily fits all of Piper’s belongings in. Another thing I noticed I love about this bag is it sits perfectly fine on it’s own, it doesn’t tip over.

The Soto Diaper Bag is designed by parents for parents. It includes a matching easy to clean changing pad!

Purchase the bag on Amazon for $34.99 

If you’re curious what’s in our everyday diaper bag, I’ll include a photo below. This is stuff we never leave the house without, it’s our essentials, nobody wants a hangry person or a blowout with no changing stuff. And I never ever leave the house without chapstick or my phone! All this fits perfectly in the diaper bag and still has plenty of room. What’s one thing you never leave the house without?


Disclosure: I received product in exchange for a review, however all opinions expressed here are my own.


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The Soto Diaper Bag makes life so much easier!