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Start the summer off right with this bucket for kids!


Summer's Here!

A great way to end the school year is to surprise the kids with a bucket full of summer fun! And no this doesn’t have to cost a whole lot! I’ve done this every year since Mason started school, I have a bucket waiting for after he ends the last school day of the year. A bucket full of fun stuff for the summer, it’s just a fun little way to end the school year. It’s a simple little reward.


The whole thing, including the bucket cost only $10. DOLLAR STORE!! This stuff at any other store would of cost twice as much. The dollar store has many great things. The water squirters are a wonderful hot afternoon fun, fill a bucket full of water and let at it(a whole lot easier than water guns). The $1 inner tubes may not be the best quality but they are wonderful to throw in your trunk and for that spur of the moment lake/ocean/pool visit, you won’t feel bad if they get lost or pop. Glow sticks all over at the dollar store. Yes, the dollar store sells pop its and party poppers around the 4th of July.

So, start your child’s end of the school year, beginning of summer off with a bang!



Wednesday 23rd of May 2018

What a cute idea! I think I'll have to put together something like this for my little guy!