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Local Raw Honey in University Place

Local Raw Honey in University Place


Consume Local

It’s no secret, my family LOVES honey! Seriously, my daughter and I love to eat it straight from the jar. I’ll use it to replace sugar in a recipe, as meat marinade, every morning in my coffee and so much more. We only use local raw honey for good reasons. When you are shopping for honey in the store most of it is pasteurized, when they heat it most of the beneficial nutrients are destroyed with it. If you have no local honey then you want to purchase it raw and unpasteurized. But seriously buying the store brand should be your last resort.

Do a quick search online for your nearest honey farm or check the nature section of your grocery store for local raw honey. Buying and eating locally not only helps support your community, it helps support your immune system and allergies. When you eat local honey you are ingesting local pollen.

University Place’s Urban Farm

Our city of University Place has a local honey farm called Honey’s Healthy Hive! We learned about the local family ran honey farm about a year ago and have been buying their honey products ever since.

Honey’s Healthy Hive

They use sustainable practices and never use pesticides. Their honey is raw, never heated so you can expect pure goodness!

Not only do they offer yummy raw honey but infused, whipped and creamed honeys as well. They also make and sell elderberry and let me tell you it’s AH-MAZING! We try taking it daily especially during cold seasons, which helps us tremendously. They are working on expanding their shop with things like lip balms, lotion bars and candles. Right now they are selling pee pollen. All reasonably priced.

They sell 2oz and 3oz jars which I found make perfect teacher appreciation gifts, they even attached the tags and adorable little bees – love it!

Their honey is currently used by; Tibbitts@FernHill restaurant, Bliss Small Batch Creamery in University Place, The Blue Octopus Champagne & Art Gallery in Product. Among many households.

You don’t want to miss trying out Honey’s Healthy Hive’s delicious honey, go to their website or contact Rebecca to place your order.


If you’re looking for a honey pot to store your honey in, this one is very cute, reasonably priced and highly rated. This honey dispenser is pretty awesome too, I may have to get this one.

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