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Local Honey in Pierce County!

Local Honey in Pierce County!


Honey is a sweet food, made by honeybees using flower nectar. 

We use honey every day in our house, it’s a great alternative to using sugar. It has been linked to health benefits such as improving heart health, wound healing, source of antioxidants, help digestive issues and soothing a sore throat.

However honey is still a form of sugar and should be used in moderation. 

Over the years I’ve learned that when you buy honey from the store(non-raw and pasteurized), then it’s been heated and lost all those beneficial nutrients. 

That’s why I always buy local raw honey! I want all those beneficial nutrients and a good healthy clean alternative to sugar. We also consume local raw honey in the Spring, which has been reported to lessen symptoms of seasonal allergies.

Where to Find Local Honey in Pierce County

If you are local to Pierce County check out all our local honey farm options below. Buying and consuming local honey not only helps support our community, it helps support your immune system. I’ve compiled the farm name, what they sell, location and where they may sell their honey. I’m so proud of this area we call home – so many amazing farms and small businesses!

If you’re not in Pierce County, you can do a quick search online for your nearest honey farm or check the nature section of your grocery store for local raw honey.

Be sure to check out any of your local farmers markets, a lot of honey vendors sell at the market as well.

  • Bee Kings Raw Honey & More
    Shop: Honey, Beeswax, Whipped Honey, Pollen, Lip Balm, Beard Balm, Deodorant, Wonder Balm
    Located: 3303 8th Ave SE Building C, Puyallup
    Hours: M-F 10am-4pm and Sat 10am-3pm
    (Shipping also available) 
  • Jody’s Honey
    Shop: Honey, Bee Bread, Propolis, Essential Oils and Bee themed jewelry
    Located: Wild Hare Organic Farm 4520 River Road, Puyallup
    Hours: Tuesday 12-7pm and Wednesday 10am-5pm 
  • Heavenly Honey Farm
    Shop: Honey, Honey Sticks, Deodorant, Lotions, Lip Balm, Salt Scrubs, Candles, Book, Hot Sauce and more.
    Located: 12907 16th St E Sumner, WA
    Hours: By appointment
    (Delivery also available)
  • Taylors Honey Farm
    Shop: Honey
    Located: Farm is located in Tacoma
    Hours: They’re honey is available to purchase through the Fresh Food Revolution. 
    Local Honey Pierce County
  • Honey’s Healthy Hive
    Shop: Honey, Elderberry, Soap, Lotion, Candles, Aronia Berry Syrup, Lip Balm, Bee Pollen, Party Favor Size Honey
    Located: University Place
    Hours: By Appointment
    (Shipping also available) 
  • Robbins Honey Farm
    Shop: Honey, Beeswax, Bee pollen, Bees and Bee keeper supplies
    Located: 7910 148th St SW Lakewood (253)588-7033
    Hours: M-F 9am-4pm, Sat 12:30-4pm 
  • Becuna Bees
    Shop: Honey
    Located: Farm is located between Key Peninsula and South Kitsap
    Hours: They’re honey is available to purchase through the Fresh Food Revolution and Key Pen Produce Express.


Looking for some Honey recipes?


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