Camping during the winter with kids! Our experience at Ocean City State Park!

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Camping doesn’t only have to be during summer time. Have you ever thought about camping during the winter months? Yes, you can make it work even with children.

We spent a little time camping in my parents RV this past week during mid-winter break, at Ocean City State Park near Ocean Shores, WA. It was a first for many things; first time camping during winter, first time camping with two children and Piper’s first time camping! It went fairly well, we had a great time and now we’re looking forward to more camping. We spent a lot of time playing games inside the RV, freezing walking around the campground, playing at the beach and eating. Yes, camping during winter is a lot like camping during the rest of the year with a new differences. Check out the list below for helpful tips to camp during the winter and camping with kids, including a baby.

winter camping with kids

Be organized! Before you even leave the house be as organized as you can. If you have the space throw all your families clothing in a luggage, use a large tote for food items and other like items.

winter camping with kids

Be prepared for the cold!! Which I’m sure you are completely aware and the reason why no one camps during the cold months. Sure tent camping may not be the best option for winter camping; so why not rent an RV, cabin or yurt. Something where you’ll have access to heat, plug in space heaters. Bring warm sleeping items, all your winter gear like coat, gloves, hat, ect. A plus is the site fees are cheaper during off-peak season.

winter camping with kids

Bring LOTS of firewood! No burn bans, equals you get to have fires! Chances are if you spend anytime outside(which I’m assuming you will be) a fire is the perfect way to stay warm.winter camping with kids

Less crowded! You’ll have a much better chance of getting a last minute spot, unlike the summer where you have to reserve months in advanced and the campground won’t be filled with people. Less noisy, less people in the bathrooms and running around the campground.

winter camping with kidswinter camping with kidswinter camping with kids

Be sure to explore. It’ll be less crowded but much colder then the summer months. You may be able to find all kinds of cool spots. Ocean City State Park is a short walk from the beach and we lucked out with beautiful weather one day on our camping trip so we decided to watch the sunset on the beach. It was an amazing site!

winter camping with kidswinter camping with kidswinter camping with kidswinter camping with kidswinter camping with kids

Nice weather in the forecast. If the weekend is calling for somewhat decent weather (not raining or snowing), search for a local campground you want to visit and see if they have any openings.

Go for 2-3 nights. My opinion winter camping is good for 2-3 nights then you feel like you need to thaw out :)

Camping with a baby? Remember to bring warm clothing and winter gear, blankets, organize your “stations” – bedtime/naps, diaper changing, food, playtime and have it all prepared for when you need it, because nothing worse then a cranky baby at a campsite while you are searching for what you need. Don’t have high expectations. 

winter camping with kidswinter camping with kids

OCEAN CITY STATE PARK in Ocean Shores, WA – If you’re looking for a campground in the area and interested in this one, I will tell you it’s a good choice! We’ll be back here this summer for sure, even if it’s just to use the beach for the day – all you need is a Discover Pass. The state park is big, the bathrooms are clean, has a few picnic tables and a shelter for day use, the beach is about a 10-15 minute walk and it’s definitely more secluded then the other beaches around Ocean Shores! Less than 10 minute drive from the town of Ocean Shores.

ocean shores washingtonocean shores washingtoncamping

Tips for Camping during the winter with kids! & Our experience at Ocean City State Park near Ocean Shores, Washington


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Camping during the winter with kids! Our experience at Ocean City State Park!