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Farewell 2020! It was a year like no other!

Farewell 2020! It was a year like no other!


Well, we can all say 2020 was a year like no other!

It seemed to fly by but at the same time drag on, feels like so much has happened but yet little happened.

With 2020 coming to an end and the feeling of impending doom behind me, I feel like we can begin to pick up the pieces and figure out a new norm. 

If this year has taught me anything is that health and wellness is 100% the most important thing out there; your physical, mental, and social well-being should always take first priority.

I’ve also realized the importance of community, coming together to support one another.

Also, everything in life isn’t set in stone, you just need to learn how to accept it and grow with it! Acceptance and processing looks different for everyone.


Let’s see. How did 2020 start off for us? Feels like a life time ago.

The year started off great. 

We were determined to get our health in check. Started doing yoga, hit the trails walking more, started my first year of the My Peak Challenge – which is a group that empowers you to get healthy and workout. Started enjoying running(which is huge thing for me). Piper began ballet at the YMCA. Mason was doing well with handling his emotions and school. It was looking to be a promising year.

Then the world was shook upside down and a pandemic hit.

We spent a lot of time outside in our yard, gardening, playing at the nearby park/creek/beach – where we had plenty of space to social distance. Went on a couple hikes. Lots of screen time.

Needed to order groceries a week in advance for pick up, I went months of not walking into a store. Struggled to find flour, toilet paper, paper towels at one point. Still rarely see disinfecting wipes in stock.

You quickly come to realize all the stuff you usually take for granted. Like a yard, large parks near by, all the workout equipment I had bought back in December that is now out of stock everywhere. 

This year has also really tested our mental health. The school struggle is so real and I know my family will be seeing the effects for years to come. Having the family stuck all at home together, was/is rewarding but also very difficult – not going to lie!

I was only able to make it through 5 1/2 months of the My Peak Challenge workouts, instead of beating myself up about not finishing. I’m congratulating myself for making it work that long and giving myself a pass – this year was not easy! And I’m already signed up for #MPC2021 and ready to give it another try!

However, we truly missed all our holiday events/parties, normal birthday parties, summer events/activities. Everything looked so different this year. But we managed to squeeze in some camping and a trip to Leavenworth this winter.

This year may not have been how I expected it to go, but nothing ever does! 


And as for reaching any goals for the blog.

This year I had big goals for Love, Tabitha – I had hoped to publish more content and with all time I spent at home you’d think I would of accomplished that. But nope, children home 24/7 and lack of entertainment! (No need to say more)

One thing I wasn’t expecting was the traffic reach to my blog, with people at home more they were visiting the internet more. My basic white bread recipe got over 93K views this year! 


What will the future hold for us.

We shall see….

Farewell 2020! It was a year like no other!


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