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How to survive summer break with your kids at home!!

How to survive summer break with your kids at home!!


how to survive summer break

Aw, the truth about the last day of school. It’s a bitter sweet feeling for us parents! First off it’s awesome to be able to spend more time with your children, not being rushed in the morning, more “relaxed” time. But then it also has it’s, not so great times ;) – If you’re not able to stay home with your kids and have to go to work, they have to be sent to the babysitters/day care and well, MONEY. Or if you work from home, GOOD LUCK with that! Get used to constant interruptions! Purchase ear plugs :) And if you’re a stay at home parent, you get to spend all that sweet sweet time with your sweet easy going child, lol. Uh huh. Here’s a few tips I need to remember to keep my sanity, maybe they’ll help you too!

– Keep a bedtime! Yes, it’s summer and it stays light out until like 10. Let them stay up a little later but there’s a few things I’ve learned raising a human for 9 years. After the kids are in bed that is YOUR time, choose what you want to do with that time! And maybe it’s just my child but the later he stays up the earlier he gets up in the morning, yes it’s a little CRAZY, tell me about it!!

– Bored? Make one of these awesome Summer Boredom Jars for when the dreaded two words “I’m bored” enter someones mouth and they will, if they haven’t already! I’m sorry child but I don’t have to entertain you every second of the day!

– TAKE THEM TO THE PARK! It’s an easy way to wear them out ;) Just remember to bring plenty of water and a snack, so no cranky kids afterward.

– If they don’t already have a chore chart, get them to help out around the house, help cook dinner. Bake cookies or a pie together. Better yet fill up a whole morning (or afternoon) with – go to a local farm pick berries, come back home and make a homemade pie!

– Local library. Sign up for the summer reading program and go to some of their events. If your child is anything like mine making them read during summer vacation is like pulling teeth BUT if they have a reward to work for :)

– Make a list of all the free or cheap happenings in your area, keep the list handy. To enjoy your summer doesn’t mean breaking the bank. Regal has $1 movies twice a week all summer long or Tuesdays at Regal all movies are $5 if you use your free Regal rewards cards. And subscribe to my blog to find more local events, I will be posting all about summer.

– Keep a routine/schedule if you need to, children thrive off structure. Time limits on electronics. Physical activity daily.

– Don’t be afraid to tell them NO!

– EAT LOADS OF ICE CREAM! It’s a rule of summer time!

– If you can afford it, sign them up for a summer camp or VBS, there’s a lot of different options for camps.

– But most importantly relax, enjoy yourself and your extra time with your child.



Tuesday 30th of June 2015

I like reading about other people's summer, while I sit here with socks and slippers on and track pants and a long sleeve top and still I am cold