Who’s got time for homemade baby food? Not I, but I do want what’s best!

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I’m not ashamed to admit I don’t make my own baby food. That doesn’t mean I don’t want what’s best for my baby! I most definitely care what I am feeding my baby girl, I just don’t have that kind of time and patience. That’s why we choose to feed Piper the Happy Baby Clearly Crafted Jars. Happy Baby makes it so convenient to purchase baby foods that are nutritious for your baby and puts your Mommy(or Daddy) mind at ease with transparent glass or pouches. Made with organic fruit and vegetables that are full of flavor.

Transparency! I want to be able to see what I’m buying and most importantly putting in my baby’s body. (I’ve seen those awful apple sauce pictures circulating on the internet!) With Happy Baby Clearly Crafted Jars I’m feeding her the high-quality organic foods.

The jars come in 10 different flavors; fruit and veggie mixes. Piper hasn’t found a flavor she doesn’t like, she loves the spinach and kale ones. The pureed foods are still a staple in her diet as no teeth yet – late bloomer! She loves the texture, it’s very smooth and goes down easily. Retailed at my local Target for $1.29 and are a little bigger than the leading baby food jars.

One thing I love about feeding the baby, the special time to bond. Everything stands still for that 15 minutes while you spoon-feed the baby. She has my attention and I have hers. Now if feeding time isn’t relaxing for you and your baby. I’m going to give you a little tip; breath, let your baby enjoy themselves, experience their senses, paint a pretty picture, feed the dog below, let the world stand still around you, you can always wash up afterward.

Find Happy Baby Clearly Crafted Jars at a retailer near you and here’s a coupon for $1 off your purchase of 3 jars!



Sharing is caring!

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Who’s got time for homemade baby food? Not I, but I do want what’s best!