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Baby’s Eighth Month Update #Piper

Baby’s Eighth Month Update #Piper


It’s been so much fun watching her lately, she’s into everything and learning something new all the time. Eight months already – wow! In a way it doesn’t feel like it’s been eight months since I gave birth but in a way it feels so long ago especially when I see a newborn. She’s our happy easy going baby, but when she cries and Mason’s around all he has to do is look at her and she stops and reaches for him, it’s so cute! In another month or two I’ll be starting to plan someone’s birthday and I can’t wait to share it with ya’ll.

Baby's Eighth Month Update #Piper

8 months
(new stats at 9 months)

+ eats formula and stage 2 solids, we’ve tried the chunkier kind and she is not a fan
+ loves peaches, apples & chicken mix, carrot, mango & banana mix
+ went camping for her first time (an RV) and she did awesome
+ she’s got the army crawl down
+ sits up on her own, from the crawling position
+ she waves bye-bye
+ says Mama, heard Dada a couple times, Hi is her newest word
+ loves bathtime, watching the big kids play, being outdoors
+ gets jealous when I’m holding another baby or puppy
+ loves songs by the Lumineers
+ clothing size 12 month, some 18 month

Baby's Eighth Month Update #PiperBaby's Eighth Month Update #Piper



Anita Olsen

Monday 26th of March 2018

What a cutie Piper is....She is the sweetest baby alive!!!

Friday 30th of March 2018

Thanks mom!!