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10 parks in Pierce County to visit this summer

10 parks in Pierce County to visit this summer


10 parks in pierce county to visit

We’ve experienced many parks in the Pierce County area, some we’ve only visited once, others are added to our favorites. Pierce County has many great parks for young and older children, some with a water source during summer, some with shade. All these play a role in our favorites! If you’re local to the area; check out these great parks this summer.

Have you been to any of these parks?



Kandle Park
Located in North Tacoma. This park is great for all ages; basketball court, skatepark, big grass area, nice big playground, free sprayground, a few picnic tables, a low cost wave pool. This park has many different options to choose from but I will say it can be a very busy park during the peak summer hours and no shade so keep that in mind.

Playground by the Sound
Located in University Place at Chambers Bay. This is a nice big playground with two sections; one for 0-5 ages and the other side suggested for 6-12, they are connected and you can keep an eye on both sides. Just a couple things to keep in mind, no real shade from trees but it does get windy because of the bay, there is a water fountain but the restrooms are a short walk away so keep that in mind for potty breaks.

Fort Steilacoom Park
Located in Lakewood. I’m putting this park on the list because it has a variety of activities to do; dog park, fields, walking trails, great place for photographs(big red barns), and a nice big playground, picnic tables and shelters. The playground does have a section for older kids and younger kids with a short fence around the younger side. It is a large playground and very difficult to keep an eye on multiple kids or to follow your child around if it is busy.

Fircrest Tot Lot & Park
Located in Fircrest. This park is spread out with a short walk between things. It has a nice large size tot lot that is fenced in, with bathrooms, picnic tables and some shade. And a short walk to the rest of the park with a smaller playground geared towards older children, field with baseball diamonds, tennis courts, basketball court. It also has a deep pool that cost a little to swim but also a toddler sized wading pool that is free.

Located in Tacoma, near the Narrows Bridge. It has a nice size playground, although it may be kinda hard if you have multiple kids to watch for since it is kinda spread out. Some shade, but a great newish sprayground with flushing toilets. Short walk down to the beach. If you’re interested in the free kids summer meal programs, this park has it and is one of the least busiest we’ve experienced.

Wrights Park
Located Downtown Tacoma. This park is beautiful, lots of different activities. Trails to walk, a pond, good size playground, sprayground, bathrooms(but I advise don’t let your children go alone, this park is not the safest), plenty of shade. The kids summer meal programs go on here as well.

Franklin Park
Located Central Tacoma, near Pearl St. I really enjoy this park as it has a good size playground that was renovated not too long ago along with a newish sprayground, a field to run in, a trail to walk, basketball court. Picnic shelter, and they also participate in that free kids meal program.

STAR Center or SERA Playground
Located in Tacoma. This park is fairly new. Great size playground for all ages, the best sprayground in the area(in our opinion), picnic tables, plenty of seating, bathrooms, and they also participate in the free kids meal program. We really like this park although we don’t go here too often because of the teenage crowd that likes to hang here, maybe we’re just going the wrong time or it being so close to the middle school and boys and girls club? I don’t know, we’ve just always had issues 3 out of 5 times we go with the rowdy teenage kids.

Puget Park
Located in North Tacoma. This is a perfect summer park, has plenty of shade and keeps on the cooler side, the playground is okay size and can get fairly crowded at peak times. But it’s the perfect spot if you want to let the littles play and not get overly hot. It does have a renovated walking trail that goes all the way to the beach to Ruston but I will warn use caution if going alone.

Stewart Heights Park
Located in East Tacoma. I’m adding this park to the list mainly because of the pool. But they do have a good size playground, picnic tables and shelters, skatepark, fields to run. Our favorite thing of this park though is the awesome pool it has for all ages, but it does cost to go swimming.


These 10 parks are my families favorite go-to parks to play at during the summer! Does your family have a favorite?