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My hopes, goals & dreams for the new year – 2022

My hopes, goals & dreams for the new year – 2022


We all can agree that 2020 feels like it never ended. But it has. And I’m so ready to put the year(s) behind us and dream about this new year and all the possibilities it holds for us. 2022 you are my year! 

I take the new year as a time to reflect on the past year, although we didn’t have some of the hardships that many others faced these past two years. We never lost work, we didn’t struggle to put food on the table or provide a roof over our heads, we didn’t struggle with childcare, we got sick once with the common cold. However we did struggle mentally and physically. And if I’m being honest we still are. The pandemic has drained us and it’s been a slow process to get out of.

If this year has taught me anything, it’s that life is too short and precious. That every ounce of you should feel good. Mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I’d like 2022 to be a more meaningful year, for both myself and family. 


These are my hopes, goals and dreams for the year:


  • Find Balance & Happiness
    There has been so much uncertainty, I need to start taking control and finding a balance again. I love this list of 10 Simple Ways to Find Balance and I’m going to start with the very first one and start disconnecting on Sundays, to be more present for myself and family.
    It’s not that I’m unhappy, I’m just not as happy as I should be. And I’m ready to improve it!

  • Homesteading
    I’ve been fortunate enough to learn how to grow a small backyard garden these past couple years, and my dream this year is to learn to be more self-sufficient. Grow and cook a lot of our food, learn how to preserve food, raise ducks and chickens for eggs, foraging and living off the land.
    UPDATE: We bought a home and 4 acres, check out my homestead goals for the year.
  • Create
    I recently read someone’s post that really resonated with me, it was how social media and the blogging world changed a couple years ago. I started changing with it too. I started to put too much thought into the content and how the algorithm works, and worry too much how others will perceive me. In turn I’d get burned out and wouldn’t publish or share anything. So, I’m ready to be more present and create more content that isn’t focused on the algorithm or what others think of me. 

  • Health
    My new years goals wouldn’t be complete without some kind of health and wellness hopes added. Drink 8 glasses of water a day, work on managing stress, start focusing on the positives everyday and ignoring the negatives & fear, stop comparing my own life, get movement in 3 days a week. And start a personal journal!


There you have it, a few of my hopes for the year. Did you make any goals for this new year? Will you? Nothing wrong with either way. Even if you don’t make any goals, I still strongly suggest reflecting on the past year and what you’ve been through and learned. 

Wishing you all a wonderful year ahead!


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