Baby’s Tenth Month Update #Piper

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Piper has officially hit 10 months old – my baby is almost 1!! Summer is almost here, then the 4th of July festivities and little miss’ 1st birthday the day after. Feels like it was yesterday we were heading to the hospital. I’ve been getting party supplies ready, invitations are done and going to finish more this week. Someone’s going to be a heart breaker.

10 months

Piper Mae
10 months now!

+ eating more solids and chunky foods, loves playing with her food
+ getting more mobile by the day, can now stand holding onto something
+ can say mama, dad, night night, dog, and ma which she says for Mason
+ waves only when she wants to
+ loves to dance and the band Lumineers
+ wears 18 month clothes
+ loves the swing and slide at the park
+ still wakes at night and the only time she’s slept a full 8 hours was camping
+ went swimming for the first time, loves the water
+ loves playing outside
+ learned how to clap and loves doing it
+ went to her first story time at the library
+ very attached to Mom, Dad and Mason
+ is a drama queen when she gets hurt


Sharing is caring!

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Baby’s Tenth Month Update #Piper