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This pregnancy’s coming to an end but so is June…

This pregnancy’s coming to an end but so is June…


It’s the last day of June and I think it’s safe to say baby #2 will have a July birthday! I can’t believe she still isn’t here, she’s just stubborn and too comfy in there!

I’m ready for her to make her appearance but I’m trying to be patient. My midwives assumed she’d be late because Mason was a week late. I’m ready for my body to not hurt and have more energy(as much as I can with a newborn) for summer activities. I’m ready to cuddle her. I’m ready for daily sunset family walks, we have a beautiful trail along the water less than 5 minutes away- Chambers Bay. And be able to eat everything I wasn’t supposed to while pregnant, I had to eliminate onions and garlic because of platelet drop.


We’ve had a pretty great June, despite being limited in what I can do.

+ Baby continued to grow, my platelet count continued to drop and just started to rise. We are all excited for her arrival – Mason keeps telling us he can’t wait to meet his baby sister! He also very seriously will tell us his body hurts or he can’t do something because he’s pregnant (blackmail later :)

+ Mason finished 3rd grade and moved onto being a 4th grader – how did that happen so quickly? – school got out for the summer on the 21st. We were so grateful for a wonderful teacher this past year and were told his 4th grade teacher is just as wonderful!

+ We’ve spent a lot of time at the parks and soaking up the sun, there’s not much I can do at this point in pregnancy.

+ Mason has fallen in love with kayaking! My parents bought kayaks earlier this year and he finally got out in them and has been asking to go every day since. The below picture sums up the PNW perfectly; the beach, the bay and the mountain! He has taken to kayaking so naturally and I couldn’t be more proud how brave he has been to go out in the water. For someone with anxiety and can be very fearful of certain things; we’ve talked about the sharks/whales/seals that all live in the water and he still isn’t afraid of going out even by himself.

+ We hit up one of the local spraygrounds this morning for the first time this summer, it was the perfect temperature. It’s a good thing I carry a towel with us in the car because everytime we head to a park with a sprayground he always tells me he’s not getting wet and we always end up leaving with him soaking wet. I’m so glad we have so many of these in our area, but we do need some more public outdoor pools though.

How was your June? How has your summer been so far?