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We’d like to introduce our ladies!

We’d like to introduce our ladies!


We are officially a chicken family! 

We’d like to introduce you to Sylvia, Gloria, Peaches, Poppy, Dot, Gem, Baby, Ducky, Coco and Rona. 


We ended up adopting all 10 of my mom/sister’s chickens. As you can see everyone, including the chickens have adapted very well. Even the puppy is doing well with them. 

This is my cuddle lady, Sylvia! She is so sweet, loves to cuddle, clean her beak on you and has started purring on me. She’s one of my favorites, but shhh don’t tell the rest ;)

Piper has been so excited to collect eggs each day, it’s like Easter everyday. Not going to lie, it is pretty fun to go find the eggs and see if there’s any huge ones, like the one below from the other day. The middle egg is usually from our largest layer but the one on the right was huge! We are averaging 9 eggs a day. 

We eat a lot of eggs, but still have plenty. One of my goals this summer is to make a little honor system farm stand at the end of the driveway and one of the first items we’ll be selling is eggs. 

When the chickens first got here we had them in the fenced back yard that didn’t have any vegetation, so we eventually let them free roam and they are so happy.

They’ve been doing awesome with staying in the designated areas and we’ve blocked the food forest from their reach.

I do eventually want to fence them in a section of the wooded area and the large coop area, so it’s a little more secure from predators, especially during the colder months when we’re not outside as much. 

We are new to raising chickens, well as adults and being responsible for them. It’s going pretty well and we are learning as we go.

It’s been very rewarding; they provide us with the best tasting farm fresh eggs, entertainment, and company for very little effort from us. 

These are some spoiled ladies; a large area to roam, constant kitchen scraps, meal worms, this awesome flock block, and a lot of attention. 

I’ll end this post with our song to call the ladies over….


PS. The farm life suites Piper very well!