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Homestead progress!

Homestead progress!


It’s been two months since we bought our property, where has the time gone?

We are still in the process of re-doing the floors before we officially move in, it’s pretty tough when the only time to work on it is on the weekends and if nothing comes up. It’s been a long process. But, provided nothing pops up this weekend we should be done and ready to move in.

Provided we get a break from the rain.

In the meantime here’s our homestead progress report.



In the Kitchen.

We really needed to start limiting how much we eat out, it’s not sustainable at all. I’m ashamed to say how much we’ve been eating out the past couple years; it’s horrible on the environment, our health and the wallet. So, I’ve been working on meal planning and cooking from scratch. And also having ready to eat meals for the time being – it’s not much better then fast food but right now it’s what’s working.

My sourdough starter is still going strong and we love making things with the discard weekly, after we get moved in, settled and a little more organized then we’ll use it more often.

Do you have a sourdough starter? If no, why not? It really is easy, right now I leave it in the fridge and only feed it/use discard once a week. 


Our puppy is getting so big, she loves to be outdoors and play fetch. We’ll need to figure something out at the new place for confining the dogs. The backyard is fenced in which is great, but when we’re playing it the front all they do is whine and want to be with us. 

When we do move in, we’ve already got 2 ducks and 8 chickens lined up that family members are getting rid of. And they’re already at laying age.

We’ve already seen wildlife at the new property; squirrels, chipmunks, and lots of birds. Including a bald eagle and 3 babies right outside the backdoor. 

Sitting outside the new house on a sunny day is so different then our old place, instead of the constant sound of cars driving by, we hear nature and lots of birds. 

The House. 

Back in January I announced we bought a manufactured home and although it wouldn’t be my first choice. I’ve been following this mobile home FB group and it’s making me excited for the challenge of making it over. And then let’s not forget the main thing, is it not a roof over our heads and will supply us with all our needs?!

Before we moved all our stuff in, we wanted to tear out the carpets and replace everywhere but the bathrooms and laundry room with laminate flooring. I’m not a fan of carpet! We are almost done and it looks great. We still have some more projects but those will come when we are living there. 

This past weekend I got over my fear and used the miter saw to help my husband. It definitely wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be. 

We’ve started painting, trim work, remodeling the kitchen(the full remodel will come later), replaced toilets(bathroom remodel will come later) and while my husbands working inside, the kids and I have been doing stuff outdoors. 

Mostly a lot of playing and exploring, but as much work as we could. Like weed-wacking, and cleaning gutters.

In the Garden.

We’ve been able to start some work on the garden and it feels so great after a long winter. Gardening is one of my favorite things to do. We’ve cleaned out the strawberry patch and looking forward to many berries this summer. 

This past week we started some of our seeds and can’t wait until they start to really grow. 

Since I last discussed my plans for our garden spaces, they’ve changed a little. I plan on using my container pots for sun loving plants and maybe next year build two raised beds. 

We’ve also started working on cleaning up the orchard, the previous owners planted 13 trees within the past year or two and I couldn’t be more excited. There’s apple, peach, elderberry, plum, pear, cherry and some mystery tree that was missing it’s tag. I’m not positive but it may be another plum, we’ll see when it blooms. 

I’ve also been researching food forests and decided I’m going to start working on turning the orchard into one. I’ll start small and use the plants/seeds I already have(lavender, thyme, garlic, oregano, ect.) and then only buy a couple more plants for two trees and then next year I’ll do a few more trees/areas. 

And I’m going to use my Greenstalk Tower on my porch for easy access to herbs, one of the best purchases I’ve made. Use code LOVETABITHA to receive $10 OFF your GreenStalk order of $75+(affiliate link).

We’ve been finding bones while exploring our property, like this one below. Half of it’s burnt. But, anyone know what animal this is from?


Well, that’s the progress of our homestead. Next update we should better be living at the new house! Until then, hope you’re able to get outside and get some vitamin D! 


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