baby's monthly update

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Another month has come and gone, technically Piper is 6 1/2 months. Half way to one and I’ve already started planning her 1st birthday haha! It is so fun having a girl and a baby again.

Piper is still very easy and goes with the flow, although not when overly tired. She had an amazing first Christmas and New Year, both very low key but she really enjoyed herself. All our original Christmas plans with our families got canceled so we had a relaxing couple days just the 4 of us. Let’s not mention we got SNOW for Christmas, it’s been years since that’s happened. And for New Years Eve we spent a couple hours at our town’s First Night, which was a fun time although next time hopefully we’ll make it the whole night. 2017 was a great year!

6 months
height: 27 in (85%)
weight: 17 lbs 12.5 oz (78%)

+ tried and likes many foods her fav’s are peaches and carrots, only food she hates is chicken
+ can sit up for a short amount of time on her own
+ very attached to Mom, Dad and Mason
+ wearing size 12 month pajamas, she’s a tall little thing
+ talking up a storm, right now she’s been working on the nanana & dadada sounds
+ she received lots of clothes and toys for Christmas she loves tickle me Elmo, and the Gund elephant
+ went down the slide with big brother and the swing with Mom, she absolutely loved it and loves going to the park
+ loves to be tickled, her brother, the dog, play peek a boofirst christmas

Sharing is caring!