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Why the Ergobaby Omni 360 is the best baby carrier for you?

Why the Ergobaby Omni 360 is the best baby carrier for you?


With both my kids I used a baby carrier; with my first (9 years ago) I had a carrier I found at Target, I had never even heard of the Ergobaby. It wasn’t until a few years ago I noticed some parents wearing their babies/toddlers in an Ergo, so after I found out I was pregnant with Piper I knew I had to get me one.

Let’s just start off by saying there are certain Baby Must Have items that should be on every new parents list and a good baby carrier is one of them. It can make life so much easier from grocery shopping to doing household chores. I’ve been wearing Piper in an Ergobaby since she was a couple days old and everyday since. Before I was sent the Omni 360, I bought myself the Original ErgoBaby. The past few months I’ve been able to experience both the carriers. I really like the Original Carrier but I really LOVE the Omni 360!

The Ergobaby Omni 360 does it all, literally! From week 1 to 36 months, it grows with you. It’s the most versatile carrier from Ergobaby. It offers all the carrying positions; front-facing you or front-facing out, back, hip, infant to toddler without needing to add an infant insert. Extra cushioned straps that are able to cross, holds baby in a hip healthy M shape and a lumbar support for extra back comfort. Comes in colors; khaki green, pure black, pearl grey, midnight blue. Easy instructional manual comes with the carrier, also find online and they have great demo videos.

Ergobaby Omni 360

The Ergobaby Omni 360 is so easy to use, you can do it all without needing an extra pair of hands, you can even buckle the back by yourself and it isn’t complicated with a bunch of extra buttons and straps. It has extra safety features that can be done with one hand. VERY comfortable, I haven’t experienced any back pain even after wearing it for 3 hours straight. The carrier not only fits all sizes of baby, but also most adults. I’m plus size and the carrier fits me perfectly and is adjustable. I love how it doesn’t require an infant insert, like the Original does – don’t get me wrong the infant insert worked in the Original but it would occasionally need to be adjusted.

I love how I’m able to bond with my baby and be able to carry her with my hands being free. We use the carrier for shopping trips, trips to the park, cooking dinner, doing household chores like vacuuming. It has a built in cover that we use frequently for naptime and a cover from the rain, which we get a lot of in the PNW. It also comes with a removable pouch that is convenient for carrying your cell phone and/or a small wallet, for those days you don’t want to carry around your purse.

Ergobaby baby carrier

Front facing in
From newborn
Min. 7 lbs & Min. 20 in
(Best position for baby during 4th trimester 0-4 months)

Front facing out
From ~ 5 months
Min. 14 lbs
(Use once baby has strong head control and baby’s chin should also fully clear over the top of the carrier)

From ~ 6 months
Min. 17.2 lbs
(Use once baby can sit up on her/his own)

From ~ 6 months
Min. 17.2 lbs
(Use once baby can sit up on her/his own)


The ABC’s of Baby Wearing!

A is for airway
Can you see baby’s face? Keep child close enough and in view at all times.

B is for body position
Front carry: be sure the baby supports the baby without slumping, with baby’s knees at or above bum.
Facing out: make sure baby has complete head and neck control and chin above carrier.
Back & Hip carries: baby should be sitting unassisted.

C is for comfort
The carrier should be comfortable for you and baby. If you do not feel comfortable and confident with the carry you are doing, please contact Ergobaby directly.


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Disclaimer: I received product in exchange for this post, however my love and opinion of Ergobaby is all my own. This post contains affiliate links.  #Ergobaby #LoveCarriesOn