This week only – get $20 credit with first box #ImperfectProduce

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Have you heard of Imperfect Produce? With Imperfect Produce you get; healthy, delicious fruits and veggies for 30-50% less than grocery stores, delivered to your door. They also sell other pantry staples for cheaper to help fight food waste, we like getting Annie’s Mac & Cheese for only $1.25 a box. Not only do you save money, you fight food waste – 6 billion lbs of produce go to waste each year in the United States alone.

You’re able to customize each box, skip a week or easily cancel. Choose from organic and non or a mix of both. They continue adding locations where they deliver, so be sure to check back often if they don’t deliver in your area right now. They aren’t taking away foods that would go to the food banks in case you were wondering. If you qualify for food stamps you can apply for a reduce cost box.

Our Boxes

We’ve been getting an Imperfect Produce box for over a year now and we are still loving it! I love that they try avoiding plastic containers as much as possible and it really motivates my family to eat all the produce before the next box comes. My children love grabbing the box from the porch and seeing all the produce. We’ve only had two “imperfect” produce which were two sour apples but still edible.

Save $20 right now!

The best part right now you can get $20 off your first box from Imperfect Produce. That’s an amazing deal because my large box filled with fruits and veggies usually only cost me $25 with the $4.95 delivery fee. And you could cancel at anytime, so if you’d like to do a trial run of Imperfect Produce, now is the perfect time! Deal goes until July 9th!


Missed the $20 off deal?

If you’re reading this after July 9th, don’t worry you can still get $10 off your first box with Imperfect Produce. Imperfect Produce has a friend referral deal that’s good anytime.



Sharing is caring!

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This week only – get $20 credit with first box #ImperfectProduce