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Tips for Eating Healthy on a Budget

Tips for Eating Healthy on a Budget


Eating Healthy Is Affordable

There is one important thing you need to be doing with your body – that is eat healthy. Take care of your body! So many health problems are tied into what you are eating. Once you begin understanding what your body needs and doesn’t need, you’ll start feeling better both inside and out.

You’ll be able to see a difference in your skin, hair and nails. You’ll begin seeing more clearly. You’ll see a change in your mood, among so many other changes.

Eating healthy on a budget is completely feasible. If anyone tells you otherwise, it’s because they haven’t actually tried.  It’s cheaper than eating out, prepping and cooking your own fresh foods can sometimes cost less than processed foods.

Tips for Eating Healthy on a Budget

I’ve compiled a list of ways you can stay on a budget while eating healthy. The more you learn about eating healthy, the more you’ll find ways that help you and your budget.


Farmers Market : Visit your local farmers market, you’ll find fresh and local foods. Find out if your local farmers market has an incentive program for kids and if so bring them with. If you get foods stamps or WIC ask them if they have any incentive programs and also some booths will even accept EBT cards.

Local Fruit Stands : If you ever happen to come upon a local fruit stand that’s popped up, stop into it, they usually have awesome prices on their produce.

Azure Standard : This is one of my recent discoveries, they make healthy eating and living affordable. They delivery bulk and natural foods to a local drop location once a month. If you’re local to me, it gets delivered towards the end of the month later in the evening to Honey’s Healthy Hive in University Place. I love buying all our grains, seeds and baking foods on Azure. You can get a 16 oz organic vanilla extract for $20 or 5 lb bag of organic all-purpose flour for $6!!

Grow your Own : If you’re able to, try growing some of your own produce. It’ll save you some money and it’s very rewarding! If you don’t have a large space try a container garden and just grow a few. We loved making this herb garden planter and have used so much of the herbs already. I was thinking of getting one of these Aerogardens for the winter since in Washington we don’t get too much sun ;)

Imperfect Produce : It’s no mystery I love our weekly box from Imperfect Produce! Save money and food waste – yes please! If you receive food stamps you can save even more.

Buy bulk with neighbors : I’ve joined a local bulk buying group on Facebook which saves us money and encourages healthy eating. Since I’ve joined I’ve bought amazing tasting olive oil and amazing real maple syrup. I love my vanilla ice topping with the maple syrup and coconut flakes from Azure!

Buy Bulk : Get yourself some storage containers and purchase things in the bulk section of the grocery store.

Drink water : This is a huge tip, always have a large pitcher of filtered water sitting on the counter and a pitcher with fresh fruit in the fridge. It’s easy and healthy flavored water with no extra non-sense, that everyone will love! Bring yourself a refillable bottle everywhere you go. Never leave the house without water.

Make a pitcher of healthy flavored water.

Follow Local Stores on Social Media for Deals : There’s a few grocery stores I follow on Facebook just to find out when they have certain deals and then I’ll only stop in for those things because everything else is too expensive.

Eat Seasonally : Eating fruits and vegetables that are in season is a huge money saver. Also, freeze and can seasonal foods – ie. when you see berries on sale stock up and freeze, can some tomatoes.

Food Prep : Food prepping may take a little time one day of the week but it’s so beneficial. If you’re just starting to food prep, one day of the week chop veggies and place into a large storage container for easy access for snacking or adding to a meal. And make a pot of your favorite grain and then store in the fridge for the week, throw a little here and there into what ever.

Join a Local CSA : CSA is a community-supported agriculture that connects the producer and consumers within the food system more closely by allowing the consumer to subscribe to the harvest of a certain farm or group of farms. Find your local CSA here.

Grocery Store Rewards : Be sure to join your grocery store(s) free reward programs to earn points, freebies and somethings at members prices.

Meat Savings : there’s a bunch of ways to save money and still eat meat, since I know that’s where a lot of families food budget goes. Enjoy a meatless meal at least once a week. Use only half the amount of meat you normal would and use more grains and produce. When you are at the grocery store always check for reduced meats and take them home to freeze.

Don’t shop on an empty stomach : I’m sure this is something you already know but if not. Never shop on an empty stomach you will be tempted to buy junk food and unnecessary foods.

Meal Plan & Grocery List : Sit down before you head to the grocery store, make a quick meal plan (doesn’t have to be perfect) and a grocery list. When you are grocery shopping try and stick to a list unless you see something on sale or clearance(like produce and/or meats you could use or freeze) but really ask your self if you need it. Don’t forget to check your coupons too.

Pack snacks and/or lunch : Whenever you leave the house always bring food from home, it will save you money and unnecessary impulse food purchases. I’ve found having a container of raw almonds really helps my hunger so I’m not tempted to swing into that fast food place just for “fries” which turn into a whole meal because why not I’m here.

In the Grocery Store : While I’m walking through my local grocery store I try not to walk down all the aisles for temptations, I try focusing on the produce, bulk, meats areas and quickly grab the other stuff I need.

Dirty Dozen – Yes, eating only organic isn’t in everyone’s budget including my own. So, I’ve learned which fruit/veggies are on the dirty dozen list and I only buy those organic.


Living and eating healthy doesn’t mean all organic and only eating fruits/veggies. It most certainly doesn’t mean you can never treat yourself, because after all that wouldn’t be good for your health either. Be good to yourself, take care of yourself and that includes your body, mind and soul.


Eating healthy on a budget is completely doable, although it may take a little time to learn and find your budgeting groove – you’ll get there!

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Friday 2nd of August 2019

I HAVE to meal plan or I just walk in and buy everything! It is so bad

Sunday 6th of October 2019

I completely understand, I don't know how people can shop without a plan and grocery list!