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39 Weeks, Counting down… #BumpDate


39 weeks pregnant

Welcome to my last week(hopefully not longer) of pregnancy! I didn’t think it’d take me 9 weeks to do another update on the bump. Time got away, but can you really be surprised?! Well, I’m ready for baby girl to be here so we can cuddle her and my body is just too uncomfortable now and summer weather is just now beginning in the PNW! By the way after baby comes I know I’ll be a little mia on the blog, I’ll try not to but don’t get your hopes up. Be sure to follow my Instagram, as I’ll be posting there frequently.

How far along? 39 weeks and 2 days
Maternity clothes: Yes, but even some shirts are getting small
Stretch marks? Still only the love handles
Sleep: It’s so-so, and very tired all today. Maybe it’s a sign baby is coming?!
Best moment this week: Count down until summer break(1/2 day left of school) AND baby arrives!
Miss anything? Yes ~ laying on my stomach/back, bending over, not peeing every hour, being able to breath, sweet tea, my garden work…there’s a list going
Movement: It’s starting to slow down, but she still occasionally likes to kick or punch me in the right ribs or left hip
Food cravings: While walking through Costco the other day, I was hungry and craved a slice of cake so I bought the whole darn thing lol. Yes, a whole sheet of Costco cake!! Thank goodness, I didn’t have many cravings this pregnancy.
Anything making you queasy or sick? At times the thought of food makes me a little queasy
Gender: Girl
Labor signs: I’m getting braxton hicks contractions, very tired with a few spurts of energy, she has dropped
Symptoms: Shortness of breath, pressure, blood pressure is little high at times, exhaustion, indigestion, weak bladder, braxton hicks, swollen feet
Belly button in or out? In
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy
Looking forward to: summer break, baby’s arrival, not being pregnant and being able to go out and do more(we have a big summer bucket list started)


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