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Getting ready for baby…


Can’t believe we’re less than 7 weeks until we’ll have a new baby! I can’t wait to see what she looks like and hold her but for the most part I’m not rushing the 7 weeks, I still have a TON to do. With what feels like no time! I promise I’ll be back with a bumpdate post real soon. Here’s some of the baby related things we’ve been up to lately…


Maternity Leave
I’m going on my second week of maternity leave, I decided to take it early and actually decided to become a full time stay-at-home Mom. Although I will be helping my husband with all the administrative work for his job and going to start focusing on blogging full-time! Maternity leave…I don’t quite know if I’d call it a break just yet I feel like I’ve been running around non-stop the past week and a half and haven’t actually had time to enjoy it or even relax for more than two hours.

Baby Shower
Baby shower is over and I can honestly say as much as I enjoy a good party, there is that filling of relief – that now I can completely prepare for baby to arrive. Plus it was very exhausting being pregnant and planning a shower, now it’s time to relax! It was teal and pink beach themed shower, nothing fancy because I’m no Pinterest Pro! One thing about parties I love is making the cake/cupcakes, I love baking! By the way, I’ve been slacking on taking photos lately so these are them…I haven’t even taken a bump shot in a couple weeks!

baby showerMy present helpers – soon to be Big Brother and cousin! Really, I think they just wanted to make a huge mess LOL!
baby shower

So…the nursery, is a work in progress! Like slacking on photo taking, well I’ve also been slacking on getting the nursery ready. We’ve got quite a bit bought but it’s just thrown everywhere so I took a couple hours on Sunday to start the organizing. We are going with a woodland theme, again no pinterest pro ;)

girl nursery

Park Find
The other day while Mason and I were at the local park we happened upon a wood art treasure that someone hid for others to find. I couldn’t believe no one else spotted it as the park was very busy, but I guess it was meant to be that we take it home and place in the nursery. It couldn’t match more perfectly!

wood art chambers bay