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Pregnancy Update 27 week mark!


Welcome, to my 27 week pregnancy update! Couple days shy of the third trimester. Most of the time I can’t believe how quickly it has flown by but then the days when my body aches and can’t get comfortable, I’m just done.

At my last Doctors visit I completed all the blood tests and glucose. Thankfully passed the glucose test and iron isn’t low. Sadly I am having drops in my platelet count this pregnancy and will need to monitor that. Levels are supposed to be 150-400, mine right now are 123. Supposedly nothing much can be done right now, so I’ve just been trying to eliminate certain foods and eat more foods that are supposed to help raise the count. Also, coming to terms with I may not be able to have an epidural if my levels are below 100. So, come on count go up in the next 3 months!!

It truly is amazing how different a girl pregnancy is to a boy pregnancy. Age difference could also play a role. But dang, this has been a rough 7 months. The beginning of the second trimester was smooth sailing, the second part has been more uncomfortable. I’m starting to feel limited in all I can do, restless nights, bodyaches when sitting, shortness of breath – all that fun! The nesting has begun, we have been working on getting the nursery finished this week.

I’m starting maternity leave a little earlier than I planned, but I don’t see myself getting bored as my to-do list gets longer by the day. Also, maybe I’ll be able to get a nap in some days – dreaming!

Spring is slowly creeping up on us and I’m just so ready for the sunshine and warmth. But also realize that once the sun does begin to stick around it will be baby time!


Have you experienced low platelet count in pregnancy? What’s your favorite thing about the third trimester?

pregnancy update 27 weeks