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Third trimester, still another 4 weeks to go



I’ve reached the point in pregnancy that I am just done. Third trimester a little over 36 weeks, but my midwife says I could go a week after my due date just because it’s been 9 years. Although I am very uncomfortable, my upper abdomen hurts from stretching, every time she moves kicks or punches my hip bone, occasionally out of breath, swollen ankles and acid reflux, and not to mention I’m so tired of just sitting around but have no energy.

Besides all that, I am truly hoping she stays in until school is out for the summer so she can come anytime after June 21st!! It would just make things easier. AND we still have a couple things left to do! Actually below you’ll find everything that is still on our baby to-do list and see how much of a procrastinator/slacker I am ;)

+ Hospital bag needs packed
+ Car seat need installed
+ Take out of package and put together swing and playpen
+ About 90% done with her room
+ Order breast pump from insurance
+ Write up birth plan
+ Stock pantry, freezer meals
+ Deep clean house

Among all our other non baby related to-dos. Please someone send me a clone!!