South Sound U-Pick & U-Cut Farms

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We have so many fun and unique opportunities in our little part of the world, like u-pick and u-cut farms. They give you the opportunity to experience farm life, see where your food is coming from and maybe get a little dirty. Take the whole family or enjoy a relaxing quiet afternoon picking your favorite berry or maybe a Christmas tree for your home.

I didn’t realize how many u-pick and u-cut farms we had in our area; from blueberries to Christmas trees. All family friendly, either certified organic or uses natural practices, and reasonable prices.

Don’t forget to check out the farm’s website and/or call to make sure they have availability and hours before you make the trip.



Charlotte’s Blueberry Park
Located at 7402 E. D Street in Tacoma owned by Metro Parks and volunteers take care of the park. 20 acres of park, 5 different varieties of blueberries. Completely free to pick (and park) just first come first serve. The down side to this park is over the past couple years it’s become a safety concern and homeless have set up camp and gang/drug activity, so please pick with caution and don’t leave any valuables in your car.

Four Elements Farm
Located at 14308 Military Rd E in Puyallup, season usually begins early July and last for 8 weeks. Five varieties, certified organic. $3 per pound or get a prepaid card that allows you to pick 50 pounds for $50. For more information, hours and prices visit there site and/or call.

Olalla U-Pick Blueberry Farm
Small family owned and ran organic blueberry farm in Olalla just a few minutes from highway 16. Open by appointment only, but very easy to schedule a time – July through September. 10 different blueberry varieties, very family-friendly farm, with buckets and wagons available while you are picking at the farm, just bring your own containers to take the berries home in. $2.75 a lb.

Linbo Blueberry Farm
Located at 1201 South Fruitland in Puyallup. Season starts mid July and ends when berries are gone. 2019 season is over so you’ll have to wait until 2020. $2.50 per pound. No pesticides, 20 varieties of berries, enjoy classical music while picking.

Rusty Plow Farm
Small family owned farm located at 23206 SE 448TH ST. in Enumclaw. They have clean buckets to pick with just bring your own container to berries home in. Five different varieties, $2.75 a lb. Check their site for hours.

Blue Dot Farm
Located at 21010 SE 416th Street in Enumclaw. Season usually starts June to early July and goes through early September. Small family farm so please call ahead or check their site for hours. $30 for large buckets (11-12 lbs approximately) and $15 for small buckets (5.5 -6 lbs approximately), sixteen varieties to pick from.

Canter-Berry Farms
Located at 19102 S.E. Green Valley Road in Auburn. Season usually runs from late July to August, $2.50 a lb, 8 different varieties, they provide buckets to pick but bring your own container to take home. Please check online for hours.

Friendly Grove Blueberry Farm
Located at 3102 Friendly Grove Road NE in Olympia. Depending on the climate, the season could start anytime from July 1 to August 1, so check their page to see if they’re in season.

Carr’s Organic Blueberry Farm
Located at 3844 Gull Harbor Rd NE in Olympia. Family owned and operated farm, certified organic, u-pick blueberries $2.50 a lb. Check their page for hours and info.



Curran Apple Orchard
Located at 3920 Grandview Dr W. in University Place, they have an adopt a tree program that you can pick all the apples from your tree, or they do have a Cider Squeeze event once a year that you can pick apples for free. Check out the website for more information.



Schilter Farms
Located in Olympia right off I-5, visit their website for all the information.

Pigmans Produce
Located at 10633 Steilacoom Rd SE in Olympia. Pick pumpkins in the fall, check website for availability and hours.

Double R Farms
Located at 5820 44th Street East in Puyallup, visit their website for all the information.

Picha Farms
Located at 6502 52nd Street East in Puyallup. September 29-October 31. 2019 visit for more information.

Sterino Farms
Located at 6116 52nd Street East in Puyallup, although I don’t think this place has u-pick from a field, they have had an amazing deal over the past couple years that you’ll want to check out. $1 any pumpkin, follow their Facebook for that announcement.

Spooner Farms
Located at 9710 State Route 162 E in Puyallup, visit their website for all the information.

Maris Farms
Located at 24713 Sumner Buckley Hwy in Buckley, visit their website for all the information. We visited Maris Farms for the first time last year and absolutely loved it!



Glenwood Christmas Tree Farm
Located at 14716 Bingham Ave E in Tacoma. Open 9am-4:30pm on select days; November 23rd, 24th, 25th & 30th, December 1st, 2nd, 8th, 9th, 14th & 15th – Noble Fir, Grand Fir, Turkish Fir, Norman Fir and Douglas Fir – pricing starts at $30

Jo-El Tree Farm
Located at 4120 99th St E in Tacoma. Douglas and Grand Fir Trees available. Check out their facebook page for more information and pricing.

Double 4 Tree Farm
Located at 4217 72nd St E in Tacoma. Douglas Fir, Grand Fir, Nordmann Fir and Noble Fir trees, begins November 23- December 15th, pricing starts at $30.

Corey’s U-Cut Tree Farm
Located at 5918 68th Ave E in Puyallup. Daylight hours, $45 a tree.

Snowshoe Evergreen Christmas Tree Farm
Located at 10720 State Route 162 East in Puyallup. Season opens November 23, five varieties, kid zone available too. Fore more information, visit here.

Alpine U-Cut Christmas Trees
Located at 11001 Lake Flora Road SW in Bremerton. Season opens November 23 at 9am, 8 varieties, visit here for more information.

Five Springs Tree Farm
Located at 3263 SE Five Springs Lane in Olalla. Opens November 23, while supplies last, 6 varieties, pricing starts at $5.00 per foot. Check out the family owned and operated farm this season.



Picha Farms
Located at 6502 52nd Street East in Puyallup. Season begins June/early July, and 4 varieties. 2019 season is over, visit for more information.

Duris Cucumber Farm
Located at 6012 44th St E. in Puyallup. Season usually begins in June, but check for opening day. Great family farm and while you’re there pick up some cucumbers for eating and/or pickling.

Pigmans Produce
Located at 10633 Steilacoom Rd SE in Olympia. Pick strawberries in the summer, check website for availability and hours.



Pigmans Produce
Located at 10633 Steilacoom Rd SE in Olympia. Pick raspberries in the summer, check website for availability and hours.



Four Elements Farm
Located at 14308 Military Rd E in Puyallup for more information, hours and prices visit there site and/or call.




Stringtown Farms
Located at 39610 Eatonville Cutoff Road in Eatonville. The farm is open for u-cut lavender daily from 10am-5pm, check their site or give them a call to see if they are in season. They also have a winery with wine tastings and a gift shop.

Lavender Hill Farm
Located at10425 SW 238th St in Vashon Island. 20 varieties, over 800 healthy beautiful plants, season length 6-8 weeks. They can assist you in making wreaths and bunches to take home. You can also stay in the farmhouse, which is beautiful.



Take Root Farm
Located at 24416 Buckley-Tapps Hwy E in Buckley. Take Root Farm is a CSA but in addition to your weekly box of fruits and veggies, members can pick herbs, greens and flowers to take home at no additional charge.

Wild Hare Organic Farm
Located at 4520 River Road East in Tacoma. Wild Hare is a CSA but in addition to your weekly box of fruits and veggies, members can pick from herbs gardens and extra vegetable beds free of charge.



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  • heather
    September 4, 2019

    I sure wish we had a farm like this one close to us it sounds like a blast and the berries are so beautiful.

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