10 Simple steps to help your mental health

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Our household has been very overwhelmed and stressed the past couple weeks. Not hiding anything, I like to be open about our lives. Let’s face it no one’s perfect! There’s been so much going on with the trailer parks we manage – it can be very hard and very stressful not getting a break from them, the weather is starting to get to us – rain, rain go away, it’s been a struggle with Mason lately – he’s had his ups and downs lately, sleepless nights with the baby – reminding myself it’ll be over in no time. I need a break! A mental break!

It probably has to do with postpartum too. But I need to do something; something for myself, my husband and my family. We’ve been taking steps to better our health and help our health mentally. And you can too, I’ll share some simple steps you can take. Maybe you’ll want to try adding one or more to your daily routine.

  1. Eat more whole foods!
    No, my family didn’t necessarily eat horribly but we did eat a ton of carbs, dairy, sugars and some processed foods. I don’t believe in diets but I strongly agree with eating healthy. And we needed to do something about Mason’s health We’re trying – not perfect – but we have been eating more whole grains, veggies, fruits, non-processed foods.
  2. Take 10 min each day to just breath.
    Seriously take just 10 minutes out of your day and just focusing on breathing that’s all. Slowly inhale and exhale. Some days I will do this in the shower as it is the only quiet place I have.
  3. Get in some kind of movement daily.
    This is one we really need to focus on as a family. All Mason wants to do in his free time is play video games, and he has a hard time entertaining himself other wise. Busy days leave no time for excersie but try to squeeze in at least a little movement each day whether it’s cleaning the house, parking further away from the grocery store doors, or a leasure walk at the park.
  4. Get outside.
    Step outside even for 5 minutes to breath in some fresh air, in does wonders.
  5. Drink water.
    Keep hydrated. Keep a picture full of water either on the counter or in the fridge it will help remind you to drink it. Or if you have a hard time drinking just plain water try keeping a water pitcher in the fridge with cut up lemon, cucumbers and mint in it.
  6. Essential oils.
    Not trying to sell anything, but we love our essential oil rollers and Mason really loves lavender in a oil diffuser for the night and has both a necklace & bracelet we add essential oils to.
  7. Skin care – lotion!
    I’ve found my skin feels so hydrated after applying lotion and in turn it makes me feel better. So, lather that skin up after a shower/bath.
  8. Laugh!!
    It truly is good for the soul. Watch a comedy movie or show, laugh with someone, thinking about something funny. A little laughter can boost your mood.
  9. Vitamins.
    If you’re able to get all your nutrients from the foods you eat, great for you. If not like many us(including my family), then maybe add a vitamin supplement to your daily routine. If you’re unsure if or what you may need, talk to your Dr. Mason takes a multi vitamin for kids called CALM for Kids but Nature’s Vitality and it really helps him.
  10. Dress up//Put on a little makeup.
    For me and I know a lot of Mom’s it’s nice to get dressed up in anything other than spit up clothes, put a little makeup on, at least once a week. Just to boost your confidence up and feel alive.

Let’s take care of ourselves; inside and outside! I’ve begun, will you join me in taking steps to better our mental health?

10 simple steps to help your mental health


Sharing is caring!

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  • wen budro
    November 8, 2019

    Those are some wonderful steps to help our mental health. They are simple yet so effective. I especially appreciate how much even a short walk outside can help my attitude and frame of mind.

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10 Simple steps to help your mental health