Free & cheap rainy day fun in Pierce County!

free & cheap rainy day fun in pierce county

If your family is anything like ours, you are always looking for a way to burn off energy and kill those winter blues. Especially where it rains 80% of the year ūüėČ And we’d be broke if we were paying $10+ every time your child¬†needed to run¬†and not get¬†soaking wet! So, I’ve compiled a list of our favorite places to play that won’t break the bank.


Library Рyour child may not be able to run but it is a change of scenery from sitting in your house and it gets you out of the rain

Tacoma Children’s Museum – it’s free but they do accept donations, GREAT way to let your kids run. And to add a little extra fun and save money on parking (except Sundays when parking is free) we park at the Freight House Square(free) and¬†ride¬†the Tacoma link which is free!

Play to Learn – check out the website for all the dates/locations, but this is a amazing program put on by the Children’s Museum at local libraries and some schools, ages 0-5

Tacoma Nature Center –¬†Open 9:00 am – 4:00 pm Monday-Saturday, go check out the indoor part, like the library there is no room to run but it has a great little quiet play section and a few live animals

“Covered” trails – there’s a chance you may get slightly wet, but when we need to get out for some fresh air and take a walk, we like the mostly covered trails at Pt. Defiance Park, Tacoma Nature Center(snake lake), Titlow

Covered Schools – some schools have a section near¬†the playground with a covered area, sometimes they will have a basketball hoop under it but usually it’s just an open area. So, make sure you bring some toys(think hula hoops, balls, bike/scooter/skateboard) and go when school isn’t in session. It is a great free option that is covered and you get fresh air! I know Geiger Elementary in Tacoma and Whittier Elementary(a huge one) in Fircrest has a covered area.


Star Center Р$5 per session at the play area, or they have a monthly member price of $10. Check out the website for more info. Mason(6 years old) really loves the covered outdoor area(when it is open!) but gets bored easily with the indoor area.

McDonalds – On occasion we will get a treat and play in the toys, just remember to WASH YOUR HANDS! And for anyone in the area I advise not going to the play area on 38th st near the Tacoma Mall, it’s nasty!

Round Table 27th St in University Place – we love going to the lunch buffet or the Monday night buffet and they have a great little play area up top and us adults can sit at a table below and watch them play, the arcade games up top are even free.

Odyssey 1 – play for $5.95, JUST REMEMBER TO WASH HANDS!! I will admit this is usually our last choice(or a birthday party) it’s a great way to run off energy but it is germ fest and we usually come home with a cold!

Pump it Up Tacoma – $8 per child for 2 hour session, just go to their website to check out their calendar. We love this place!



Hope I’ve helped you think up some fun for those rainy days.

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