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Medieval Times Buena Park, CA


We are back, actually have been for the past week, from our vacation to California. The last time I was in Anaheim was over 20 years ago my parents had taken us to Medieval Times, I just remember it being so awesome. I just knew we had to add it to our must do/see, that Mason would LOVE it! And I wasn’t wrong, we had an amazing time.

Have you visited Disneyland in Anaheim, CA or at least thought about visiting? There is this awesome little castle/village/place where they serve yummy food, live entertainment just minutes away from Disneyland. MEDIEVAL TIMES!

Horses, actors, jousting, tasty food that you get to eat with your hands(favorite part).

medieval times

The moment we pulled up to the castle Mason was in awe, it is a “real” castle and the ivy was so beautiful! We got our tickets and were assigned on the yellow team, all the staff were dressed in appropriate attire even some guests were dressed up. Medieval Times definitely goes all out. Seats are first come, first serve so arrive early if you want close seats(but really no seat is bad). They give you crowns to wear and keep, they have a bar, gift shop, they have a falcon who flies through the stadium part of the show.

After we got seated the entertainment started and lasted non stop for two hours. We cheered, laughed, Mason jumped and screamed a few times. He had no idea it was all staged :)

The food was wonderful and very filling! Bread, soup, chicken, potato, corn and a dessert. The best part you get to eat with your hands! :) Mason really enjoyed it all, sometimes he can be very picky but he ate everything and even helped me finish my chicken. Come hungry!!

medieval times

Yes, it can be a little pricey but it is definitely worth it. Two hours of great entertainment and service and delicious food. But most importantly memories that will last a lifetime!! There are a couple ways to save on your tickets; go check out the deals here.

Just a couple tips;

if your taking children go for the earlier showing, it is after all a 2 hour show and there is noise, wouldn’t want crabby children

it is definitely not just for families and children, everyone of all ages will love it!

if you have children with very sensitive ears you may want to bring ear plugs, there was a few times Mason had to plug his ears because the cheering got too loud

the horses run through sand/dirt so it’s a bit dusty, so if you have breathing problems(both Mason and I have asthma) you may want to take inhalers/meds, or just be ready for it


After watching the show, the animal lover that I am, I was wondering about the treatment of the horses before, during and after their time.

“Training begins early. As weanlings, Medieval Times horses are introduced to lead ropes and halters. Saddles come at age 2. Long reins and simple exercises such as lunging follow. At age 3, the horses move to their new homes — one of our nine North American Castles — where they learn advanced-level dressage from a master horse trainer. Then life as a pampered performer begins.

After a few years in the spotlight, the Medieval Times horses move back to the Chapel Creek Ranch. In the serene setting, we make sure our horses live out their lives in royal treatment.”

Don’t worry there is more than just the California location, you can find a list of locations throughout the US, go check it out here.


Disclaimer: We were given tickets to attend the Medieval Times show in Buena Park, CA for my review, however all opinions expressed here are my own.


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