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Disneyland 2015 – part 1


It has been a month since our Disneyland trip, sad face. We had an amazing time and can’t wait to go back. I’ll break our week long vacation up in 2 parts, this post is for the first couple days on our trip.

We had been planning this trip in secret for the past couple months, it was a surprise for Mason’s birthday and spring break. The night before we left we let Mason know, and it honestly took him about 30 minutes to actually understand what was going on.

This was a bunch of first for us; Mason’s first plane ride, first time to Disneyland, first family trip just the 3 of us. Plane ride was fine, we flew Virgin America for the first time and honestly I don’t know if I would fly them again. Really the only pro was the leg room, the cons you had to pay for wifi, $8 to rent a movie, pay fee for luggage, they gave you drinks but no snack, you could purchase way over priced food though. Even though after we got boarded we sat in our seats for an extra hour before we took off, something about the fuel lines, and they still didn’t give us snacks. On our flight back we upgraded the 30 extra dollars to get headphones, a little extra leg room, & 1 free luggage but I didn’t quite understand that because we paid the extra for 3 people but only got 1 free luggage. Yeah, wasn’t too thrilled with Virgin. Okay enough complaints.


The rest of our Saturday was spent at Medieval Times and getting comfy in the hotel room!

Sunday we slept in and hung out in the hotel room for a bit, before driving to Target to load up on some groceries for the week. Just a little fact about me, I don’t leave the house without a snack, you never know when Mason or myself will need the little kick ;) After returning to the hotel we went down to the pool area and spent the rest of the day swimming and lounging. Mason could swim for hours, he loves the water.


We bought 4 day passes for the Disneyland parks so we weren’t rushed for our trip and could really enjoy our time. The first day Mason chose to check out California Adventure. We had a very good time but it was a smaller park and much more crowded then Disneyland, so after our day we were exhausted and needed a break. We loved the cars land, we loved the radiator springs ride and the buzz lighter. Sadly I didn’t ride the tower of terror. But I did ride California Screamin ride while Mason and hubby waited for me; and luckily I had someone who rode it before sit next to me and gave me tips, because after I got seated I realized I had no idea what the ride did, it went upside down and right at the beginning it stops and then all of a sudden shoots forward.


Everyday at the parks about 12:30pm we walked back to the hotel to take a break and then came back around dinner time. And boy did that help! When we went back it was perfect timing the parade was just about to start and Mason loved it!! We rode some more rides, ate tasty corn dogs, walked around, played, Mason loved the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail. We saw our first celebrities of the trip; Katharine McPhee and Elyes Gabel.

To be continued…


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Tuesday 19th of May 2015

I remember the first time we flew to New Zealand we flew New Zealand Airline and didn't like it, no snacks or drinks unless you paid for it as you said overpriced stuff like $4 for a can of Coke what the hell no bloody way I was paying that much for a drink the only drinks they brought around was water or tea or coffee coming back we flew with Qantas and that was much better.

I would so love to be able to afford to go to Disneyland one day