One to Three CustomsMakes personalized gifts, decor, decals, signs, etc. Turnaround for custom orders is usually under a week, and located in University Place. Get your order in before the Holidays.

Calista Renee

University Place local Cally Uriarte is brings her beautiful nature/realistic styled art. Her art is original and a fave of those that know and follow her. Check out her Etsy site.

Kingson Coffee Roasters

Offering artisanal style fresh and organic roasted coffee beans. Beans are single origin from CoOp farms around the world. Body scrubs made from organic coffee, mixed with coconut oil, sugars, salts and essential oils.

Tacoma Soap Refillery

Mission is to serve the Greater Tacoma community and our planet by making reducing single use plastics and using safe natural home and body care products convenient and affordable.

Herb & Myth Organic Skincare

This local Tacoma farm-to-face skincare brand will have you swooning over their luscious botanicals, magical aromatics and powerful herbal blends. Featuring three anti-aging moisturizers that represent different skin types, French Green Clay Facial cleanser, Rose Quartz toners, fragrant & juicy lip balms, and so much more, this healing skincare company covers all the bases. Organic, Local and Eco-friendly, this green, female-owned skincare will revolutionize the way you approach your skincare ritual.


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Ness Creations Pottery

Creates handmade pottery including mugs, cups, dishes, bowls, plates, earrings, pitchers, vases, spoon rests, soap dishes, coasters, and magnets. Some of the mugs feature crystals on the handle and/or face of the mug. Few pieces even have 22k Gold on them.

BG’s Gourmet BBQ Sauce

Great with Beef, Pork, Poultry & Fish. BG’s Gourmet BBQ Sauce is family owned and operated. Located in the Puget Sound. Honestly the BBQ Sauces we’ve ever tried!

Hippie Heart Creations

Creating Unique arts on a CO2 laser. “We use as much reclaimed and natural products as we can. Cast offs, recycle bin, overstock, etc. Mixing fun, funk, and whimsy with a little heart and soul.”