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Throwing an Alice in Wonderland or Onederland Birthday Party on a budget

Throwing an Alice in Wonderland or Onederland Birthday Party on a budget


I’ve been dreaming about planning a girls birthday forever, specifically Disney Princess parties; Beauty & The Beast, Little Mermaid, Frozen and so many more. I’ve been envisioning an Alice in Wonderland first birthday party since finding out we were having a girl – “Piper in Onederland”

I love a good party that is simple and doesn’t break the bank but follows a theme and looks like you tried. Piper’s One-derland Birthday Party was just that! Check out all the details and photos below, hopefully you can find some inspiration if you are planning a party soon.

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The Invitations
I opted to buy a digital copy of the invitation through Etsy which cost $7 here and then just printed them through Costco which cost me $.59 each.

The Outfit
The outfit was important to me, I found a very cute one on Amazon for less then $20 and it was perfect for my own little blonde Alice!

Here’s another cute Alice in Wonderland costume that’s 43% off making it only $19.99, if you’re looking for something more unisex check out the white rabbit costume or lil’ mad hatter costume.

Freshly Picked has adorable Alice In Wonderland themed shoes, that would complete the outfit.

The Decorations
I wanted to keep the decorations very simple, didn’t want to spend a ton of money and didn’t want to produce a ton of waste.

The tables for eating at were covered with a blue plastic tablecloth, lace, moss and tea party dishes.

All the party decorations cost me less then $5. I found Walmart party supplies to be cheaper than a dollar store, so the blue plastic tablecloths cost me $.88 each and the moss I found at Walmart for $1, but you could easily just find some outside in Washington ;)

As for the teacups, teapots, lace tablecloths and the O-N-E letters(photo below) were FREE from some neighbors on my local Buy Nothing group on Facebook. If you haven’t joined your local Buy Nothing group I highly suggest you do, you could easily get all your party decorations for free like I did!!

The Cake
Usually I like to make my own cupcakes/cake but I decided to just go simple and order from Walmart. They have some cute flower cupcakes that I loved – 24 cupcakes for $13 here at my store.

With every cake purchase they give you a free smash cake for the first birthday, but I suggest getting the whipped topping as we found the buttercream VERY sugary!

The Food
I forgot to get a photo of the food table, sorry. I wanted to focus on tea party/picnic type foods and stay in budget which was fairly easy to do.

I homemade (Fisher) scones, lazy chocolate chip cookies, no bake cookies, roll up sandwiches, 7 layer bean dip, put together a veggie tray and cut up watermelon.

Then just bought some more sandwiches, and pizza rolls for the kids. Finger foods are always a win!

The Location and Time
If you’re able to, the park makes the perfect tea party location; it’s cheap and fits the theme. If the park isn’t an option that’s okay, you could do a home or an indoor location and still make it work.

Just keep in mind your guests, will the children be entertained?

The time is also an important factor, schedule it around nap time. Nothing worst then a cranky birthday child.

Still want to throw a One-derland birthday party but don’t have an “Alice”? Another idea for a tea party/wonderland party is, dress them as the Mad Hatter – that would be adorable! Or just simply dress them in a cute suit and tie. 


Have you thrown a Disney themed party? Let me know in the comments. And if you’re looking for another budget friendly kids party idea check out Disney Moana themed party on a budget.