Baby’s Ninth Month Update #Piper

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We’re counting down the days until summer and little miss’ 1st birthday. Can’t wait to share the theme ;) She celebrated her first Easter, she loved her basket and really enjoyed dying eggs okay she just liked sucking on them before the dye. We love this baby girl so very much and she loves her family! Mason is definitely her best friend, she lights up when he comes around.

PS. I’ve screwed up somewhere, technically this is Piper’s eighth month post – she just turned 9 months on the 5th.

Baby's Ninth Month Update #Piper

9 months now
height: 28.8 in (84%)
weight: 19 lbs 3 oz (54%)

+ eating a few more chunkier foods like avocados, bananas and stage 3
+ crawling all over the place
+ sits up from crawling position
+ says mama, dada, hi and her latest word night night and she uses it correctly it’s amazing
+ waves bye-bye
+ loves music and to dance
+ in 12-18 month size clothing
+ went on the swing at the park by herself
+ such a happy easy going personality

Baby's Ninth Month Update #Piper


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Baby’s Ninth Month Update #Piper