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50 Spicy Chicken Recipes

50 Spicy Chicken Recipes


Can you handle the heat? Whether you’re looking for a mildly hot recipe that the whole family can enjoy or something more intense. Let’s kick up the heat with these delicious chicken recipes found here.

My family loves a little kick, some more than others. My husband loves it intense, he’s got a hot sauce right now called “Colon Cleaner”, my oldest really likes spicy foods too. I like medium, definitely can’t handle as much as my husband and son. The youngest can handle very mild but I’m sure her palate will grow. 

Eating spicy foods can be very good for your health; it can help with your gut health, heart health, boost your metabolism, and helps control your appetite. If you’ve got IBS, IBD, dyspepsia, acid reflux or GERD and you experience stomach ache and/or heartburn you should avoid spicy foods. I suffer from acid reflux but still enjoy spicy foods occasionally, I just take steps to help relieve it.

If you’re not a fan of spice but would like to be, or maybe you want to try a recipe but worried it’s going to be too spicy. Try adding less spice then the recipe calls for, substitute it for something milder or completely leave certain spices out. 


If you love spicy chicken, you’ll want to save this collection of recipes. A list of 50 different recipes from some amazing bloggers. 



Find American BBQ, Asian, Indian, Mexican inspired; recipes for the grill, slow cooker, instant pot and so many more spicy chicken recipes below.

My family enjoys this Turkish Style Chicken either fried on the stove top or as kebabs on the grill!

This post may contain affiliate links, thanks for supporting this blog. And thank you to so many amazing bloggers for submitting your recipes for this post. 


  • If your kitchen doesn’t already have a cast iron skillet, I highly suggest adding one. They are great, easy to use and clean. And make your food taste even better.
  • A skillet is a must and this stainless steal one is good, as well as the cast iron one above.
  • Measuring Cups & Spoons, these are the ones I have and they’re great – cheap, functional, easy to clean and good quality.
  • Grinder – we use our grinder daily, from grinding coffee to spices. 
  • Food Processor
  • Mixing bowls – I absolutely love these mixing bowls.


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