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5 Items I’m Buying This Amazon Prime Day 2021

5 Items I’m Buying This Amazon Prime Day 2021


I’ve been a big Amazon Prime shopper for the past 5 years. I’m usually ordering 3-10 items on a normal week, everything from dog food to our beloved coffee comes straight from Amazon! I love that you get your items quickly(I’ve had items show up the same day before), conveniently to your doorstep, avoid the stores(which can be difficult with kids in tow) and you always find exactly what you’re looking for at sometimes a cheaper price! 


This post contains affiliate links. 


Just in case you’re not an Amazon Prime Member! Membership is only $119 annually! Here’s just some things that are included in your membership:

  • Free same-day, two-day, one-day delivery on many items. We’ve save SO much on free shipping!
  • No rush delivery, you can earn rewards for using the no rush delivery option at check out. Which I do often to also save on the packaging materials.
  • Prime at Whole Foods
  • Early Access to deals
  • Access to Prime Video, Prime Gaming, Prime Music, Amazon Photos, Prime Wardrobe and Prime Reading.


If there’s at least one day a year where being an Amazon Prime Member pays off, it’s Prime Day! This year Amazon Prime Day comes a little earlier than normal, but it’s HERE!

I’m sharing 5 deals we are buying! Keep in mind to shop the sale you’ll need to be a Prime Member. But if you’re not a member yet, you can sign up for the 30 day free trial.


5 Items I’m Buying This Amazon Prime Day 2021


This is by far my favorite lip balm and I’m so excited to find it on sale!


These water bottles are great for staying hydrated, I’m going to get one for me.


I’m buying this drawing pad for Piper’s birthday, she’ll love it, no clean up and it’ll be a great thing to bring in the car.


We’re needing a second heating pad, I’m learning the more you age, the more you’ll use a heating pad. Haha!


Love this blanket! Perfect blanket for year round, keep warm during the winter and a picnic blanket during the summer.




Are you shopping the sale? What’s on your list? Let me know in the comments below. 

I’ll try sharing more deals on my Instagram and Facebook pages over the next two days, but go and see all the great deals. I’m sure you’ll find something on your list.