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I’M PREGNANT – the first trimester


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As you may know we made the big announcement last week, that Mason will no longer be an only child. We are expecting a little one June 2017! Mason can’t wait to be a big brother. Now that Mason is growing up, we were beginning to miss having a baby in the house.

I’m 12 weeks, 1 day!


How am I feeling??
I’m so close to the second trimester! So close! This pregnancy has taken a toll on my body, each pregnancy truly is so different. I’ve had almost all the symptoms this time around, 6 weeks of horrible morning sickness, mostly laying in bed or the couch, not getting stuff done, binge watching Netflix. Haven’t been able to get into the Holiday spirit. The joys of the first trimester! Counting down until the second trimester.
It’s still a little unreal and I don’t quite feel pregnant(besides all the horrible symptoms).

No belly pictures yet, maybe I’ll take some at 13 or 14 weeks. I just feel a little self-conscious at the moment and really just look/feel bloated. That awkward pregnancy stage.

Let’s discuss the age gap?
Yes, my children will be 9 years apart. After the quick shock, we came to terms with it. Mason got 9 years of being an only child and the new baby will feel like an only child for about the same length of time. Another thing I’ve enjoyed and will enjoy about the gap, Mason is old enough to do some things on his own like get himself something to drink and help out. The only downside is we are starting from scratch with everything, we didn’t even save clothing. I got used to not changing diapers or bottle feeding ;)

Either is fine with us; I would love a little girl to buy cute clothes, go do girly things and not be out numbered but then I already know how to be a boy mom.

Food cravings/aversions?
The only food cravings I’ve been having is deli meats and seafood, which both are off limits. And food aversions so far have been coffee, eggs, anything spicy.


12 weeks and counting down the days until the second trimester, the first trimester is just so peachy ;)