Trick or Treat, Smell my Feet, Give me something good to eat! Halloween Safety Tips

halloween safety tips for children and pets

Once you get over the shock that Halloween is already upon us!

Did you know the night before Halloween is called the Devil’s Night or Mischief Night? Day of pranks. So, it just comes to show that October 30-31 can be very dangerous for children and pets. I compiled a list of safety tips to protect your loved ones and furry family members.


  • Please walk around with your child!! If you think your child is old enough to walk around by themselves, then chances are they too old to be trick or treating. You should supervise your child trick or treating, it is very dangerous they are walking to peoples doors(even sometimes stepping foot inside), people that are luring kids in by candy, it will take you like an hour or two out of your day. Not to scare you but it is scary possibility.
  • Carry a flashlight, buy some glow necklaces(found at the dollar store), make sure people driving can see you. Your child is walking around in the DARK, it can be very scary and dangerous.
  • If they are too old why not throw a Halloween party with their friends and they can pass out candy or let them go to a Halloween party with their friends.
  • The later you stay out trick or treating, the more of a chance you will be walking with drunk drivers. Harsh reality but yes Halloween brings parties and drinking, so be safe and be off the streets before. 
  • Go to a safe neighborhood and one your familiar with is best!
  • Keep furry pets indoors and if your handing out candy keep the pet in another room.
  • Clean off your porches of your belongings, if you are handing out candy you will have tons of kids coming to the door you wouldn’t want something to go up missing(like your child’s bike). Even if you aren’t handing out candy, most likely there will be a-hole teenagers causing mischief. 
  • Check your child’s candy before they eat, most likely it will all be fine but there are some messed up people in the world. 
  • Weather appropriate clothes for under the costume and good walking shoes. Don’t forget a bucket or bag!!
  • Most importantly HAVE FUN!


What’s your child’s costume this year? I would love to know or if you have a picture/blog post to share! Need an idea for a fun Halloween treat to make with your kiddos, check out these Candy Corn BrowniesHave a great and safe Halloween!!



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  1. great tips! we have a lot of community events around here which are perfect for taking the kids to without worrying about them going house to house.

  2. I am so not looking forward to Halloween, perhaps because I will be working! lol Seeing as how i get off work at 1130 at night I know there will be people out that I’d rather not run into. This was a good reminder I don’t think many people have correlated Halloween + Friday as party night.

  3. Great tips!

    Love that you suggested to keep the pets in another room. Many pets find costumes scary. Plus, the candy is dangerous for them and with the door opening and closing, there’s always a chance that a pet might slip out the front door.

    Something else that I think is important is also to make sure kids know that it is not appropriate to try to scare a dog or cat or to involve the family pet in any Halloween tricks. Even jumping out from behind a corner and saying “Boo” while wearing a costume can be pretty scary for some dogs or cats.



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