The Venardos Circus

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This post was written last year but they are coming back to Tacoma summer 2019, so I had to share it again. They are at Wright Park June 26-July 7 and at the Star Center July 10- July 21. And then they’ll be onto Lake Stevens! We’ve already got our tickets for the Star Center and all REALLY looking forward to it again, if you see us please say HI!! We’ve honestly been waiting all year to go back, it’s a must in our opinion!


I’ve been to a number of circus’ in my lifetime and The Venardos Circus has been my favorite! They came to my hometown this summer so we decided to buy tickets and go with my cousin and her boy. This was the first time we’d even heard about this little circus and after seeing all the shared photos, we knew us adults were going to love it! We weren’t sure if the boys would – considering there is no fire, explosions or animals. It’s literally a big tent with a small audience with a small group of performers.

Turns out – the whole group LOVED it! I’ve always had a love for the 1930’s style circus and this is the closest I’ll get to that. The audience size wasn’t too big, you could find a good seat anywhere and everyone’s encouraged to laugh. The perfect ambiance!

General admission seats are first come first served, doors open an hour before showtime with a pre-show. If you want first couple rows or your child wants to interact with some of the performers show up early but otherwise you can see the show perfect at all the seats or if you need to stand in the back. The main show is an hour and a half with a 15 minute intermission. The tent isn’t a/c but it did occasionally have a nice breeze and wasn’t too hot under the tent.

The whole show is very entertaining and the time will pass too quickly, be sure to stay for the whole thing. We really couldn’t pick a favorite performer as they were all great and made you laugh and smile. Mason’s mouth was open in wonder the whole show, it made me smile.

18 months and younger who will sit on a lap are free. Look for discounts to the shows on their social channels and groupon! ADA accessible, strollers need to park outside the tent but they weren’t too strict if you needed to go out and grab something, you can buy popcorn, cotton candy, hot dogs, water and lemonade in the tent.

We can’t wait for Venardos Circus’ next summer! If you’re interested in seeing more photos from our time, check out my instagram here.


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  • Terumi
    July 25, 2018

    How fun! The big red and white tent makes it look really cool!

      July 26, 2018

      Yes, it was a lot of fun! Can’t wait for next year!

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