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Must Haves That Make Camping With Kids Easier

Must Haves That Make Camping With Kids Easier



It’s camping season; time to enjoy the great outdoors, soak up the sun and eat a s’more or two! Camping has been on my mind for the past few months, I love planning where to pop the tent up and sleep for a couple nights. I love camping so much, it’s such a great time to bond with my loved ones and detox from technology. Be one with nature!

Camping with kids should never be a daunting idea, with a little extra planning and packing, it’ll be a joyous time. If you’re a beginner camper start with these 5 tips for camping with kids. My main tip is you’re there to relax and unwind, keep expectations low and only go for a couple nights. Don’t over pack, but if you’ll be camping off grid and no store in site, don’t under pack either.

Of course you’ll need the essentials of any camping trip; sleeping bag for everyone, comfort objects(blankie, stuffed animal, ect), pillows, tent, tent cover just in case rain, camp chairs, clothing(remember simple and can get dirty), any hygiene items(think minimally), kitchen items you’ll be using(think minimally). This post I’m talking about those miscellaneous items you may not think of to bring while camping with kids, maybe you’re a beginner camper or experienced but would like some fresh ideas.
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Activities and Fun

Board and Card Games – Bringing a deck of cards and a board game are a must for us, I love playing games and you’ll have a lot of time to sit around the campsite and play.

Coloring Materials – Bring a coloring book, notebook and crayons. This works for all ages and will keep them entertained for at least a bit.

Glow Sticks – This are a perfect surprise for the evenings, great idea for children with a fear of the dark as well.

Nature Field Guide – This nature guide book is very fun and perfect for ages 4-8.

Sun Shade – Most campsites are shaded but some aren’t, or maybe you want to play down at the water. I love the sunshine, but honestly it can be draining and so I love a little shade. They have great sun shades for everyone, we’ve had this outdoor play yard with a removal sun shade that is perfect for little ones, we used it all last summer and LOVED it!

Hammock – Such a fun thing to bring camping, tie it to the many trees at the campsite, relax read a book or take a nap.


The Misc.

Camp Chairs – Bringing our own camp chairs are fairly high on my list to bring camping. Yes, most campsites are equipped with picnic tables but it’s so much more comfortable to sit in a camping chair most of the time. We leave the picnic tables for food time and board games.

Sweatshirts – No matter how hot it is during the day, once the sun drops it will get chilly and it will help cover your body from mosquitoes.

Portable sound machine – Does your baby and/or child sleep with a sound machine on? Both my kids sleep with some kind of noise, so bringing a portable sound machine is a GREAT idea.

Cash and/or Coins – Maybe someone will need a shower, need more firework at the host site or need cash at a general store. Don’t forget some change!

Potty training chair – Is your child potty training? Bring a potty training chair so you don’t have to constantly run to the bathroom.

Headlamps and Lantern – Do not forget good lanterns for camping, headlamps are wonderful too and make walking to the bathroom at night easier.

Warm PJS – Footy pajamas and long johns are a great idea for nights, it will get cold.

Playpen – Camping with babies, bringing a playpen is a must. It’ll be where they spend most of their time.

Camp Shoes – Something that’s easy to slip on and off, easy as possible to get in and out of the tent. Flip flops, sandals, slippers, ect.

Kitchen/Household Items

Camping Soap – This is probably one of the coolest inventions, biodegradable soap sheets for dishes and hands. 50 sheets for $3.99

Picnic Table – Most campsites have a picnic table but if yours won’t or maybe you need more table space. This pop up one is great.

Small  Broom and Dustpan – Camping with kids you will need to sweep out the tent more than once. This one’s great, even the price is.

Rolling Ice Cream Ball – We’ve had this ice cream maker and it’s a lot of fun and the ice cream taste great! It’ll keep the kids moving and busy for a good 30 minutes.

Reusable Water Bottles – Bringing a reusable water bottle with a filter in it makes camping so much more enjoyable.

Plastic Tote – Another must have is bringing a large plastic tote for packing foods, it makes packing and organizing so much easier AND it’s great to keep the wild animals out of your stuff.

Emergency and First Aid

Multi Purpose Tool – Is a great item to have at your campsite, you never know when you’ll need a pair of scissors, sharp knife or bottle opener.

Duck Tape – Is another item you may need at some point, maybe the tent has a small hole or the air mattress.

Sunblock – This is a must for camping in my opinion, you will most likely be in the sunshine at one point and nothing worst then getting sun burnt and having to lay on the ground. I love this Neutrogena Hydro Boost line, it’s very light on the skin and doesn’t leave you feeling sticky!

Bug Repellent – Another must! Those pesky mosquito’s will bite and leaving you itchy and miserable.

First Aid Kit – Most likely you’ll be needing at least one band-aid, don’t forget to throw in Tylenol for the whole family and any other medications you may need.

Mosquito Nets – They have many different mosquito nets that will protect you and your family from getting bitten. Nets that fit over a playpen, a carseat, a bed and even your head.


If you plan on camping with your kids this summer(which I highly suggest you do), what have you added to your must have list? You can shop all our faves, including camping and non-camping items, check it out here.

A list of Must Haves That Make Camping With Kids Easier, things you wouldn't typically think of.