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DIY Herb Garden Planter

DIY Herb Garden Planter


It’s beginning to look a lot like spring, the plants are blooming, we get rain and sun in the same day. It’s a great time to start outdoor projects and work in the garden.

One of my favorite things about spring/summer is fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs. If you just don’t have the ability like me or maybe don’t have the space to have a full sized garden with rows of produce. Don’t let that stop you from having something fresh growing, start with something small, something in a planter is an excellent solution. Grow a herb garden in a planter, very simple and you have the ability to pick fresh herbs to go into your food.

Another reason I love my herb planter is because when we get a downpour(happens a lot in Washington) I can easily move my planter under cover so the plants don’t drown. It’s sits perfectly in a windowsill. My herb planter cost me less than $15, you could probably even do better!


Find your planter for your project. Don’t be afraid to look outside of the box if you don’t want a typical planter you find in the garden section. You can easily use any container that will hold the soil and your plants. I found this tin basket in the household items at my local store on clearance.

If your container doesn’t have holes you will need to drill holes for drainage, 2-3 holes will work.

In the garden section of your local store; purchase a bag of soil, 2-4 herb plants – depending on how many you’d like your planter to have. Pick the herbs you and your family enjoy and use often. We opted for parsley, cilantro, mint.

I love using herbs while cooking and may add chives and oregano to the planter. I already have sage, thyme and rosemary growing in the yard. Have I mentioned how easy herbs are to grow? Those three herbs have been growing in the yard for over 7 years, the only thing I do to them is water about once a week in summer.

Now that you know what herbs you’re going to use, take them out of your planter and set aside. If you haven’t already, drill holes in the bottom of your planter for drainage. Begin filling your planter with soil and fill about half way.

After you’ve filled it up half way with soil, dig a small hole and add your plant. Do the same with all the herb plants.

After you’ve finished adding all your herbs, scoop more soil in your planter and cover the base of your plants. I filled soil to the top of my planter.

Carefully water your plants and set them out to soak up some sun. Aren’t they beautiful colors? I just love nature!

Most herb plants need about 4 hours of sunlight and on average watering should be done when the soil feels dry to the touch. Be sure to look up directions for your specific herb as they vary and you want to be sure it’s getting enough sun and water.

(IE: Basil, the soil should be moist but lavender can go completely dry before watering)


Do it yourself herb garden planter, cost me under $15 to make mine.