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5 Must Not Miss When Visiting Disneyland


5 must not miss when visiting disneyland

I find Disneyland on my mind more than I’d like to admit ;) Would love to visit Disneyland more often, it is such a magical place! Not just for kids, but adults alike. Makes you feel like a kid again. Since for a lot of people Disneyland is a once in a lifetime or once in a many years experience, you must not miss these things. Make these a priority when you visit and make memories that will last a lifetime!

  1. Do not miss – the parade and evening shows! At both parks. Everyone – young/older kids, adults will all love these shows/parade. We didn’t think Mason would enjoy the parade, you know this whole growing up thing, but we were wrong. He was lighting up the whole time and loved it! The evening shows are beautiful, and the Disneyland Park fireworks you can see from a lot of the surrounding hotels, a show every night perfect to watch from your hotel room if you have a park view and you got tired people.
    disneyland parade
  2. Whither you need a whole meal or just a snack, there a couple things you must eat at the parks, a trip to Disneyland just isn’t the same if you haven’t tried these! The hand dipped corn dogs are amazing, dole whips are the perfect addition to a hot California day and don’t forget the Mickey beignets at Mint Julep!
  3. Make a list of all the rides your family really wants to ride and most all of the popular rides all have fast passes, TAKE advantage of those fast passes! They are popular for a reason :)
    Disneyland; Get in line to ride Peter Pan, then Dumbo, both are popular rides without fastpasses. Pick up fastpass for Indiana Jones en route to Peter Pan and if watching the Fantasmic Show pick up fastpass.
    California Adventure; en route to ride the Toy Story Mania pick up fastpass for Radiator Springs outside the It’s Tough to be a Bug. After riding the Toy Story Mania go pick up fastpass for the World of Color show if you plan on watching it. If you have older kids and want to ride Radiator Springs without the long line, hop in the single rider line.
    cars ride disneyland
  4. Your trip isn’t complete without a picture in front of the castle in Disneyland Park and make sure you walk through too. The castle is beautiful and it’s iconic! Ask one of the cast members to take a picture with your camera, or if you don’t want to lug around your camera get one of those photo cards and then buy a print later.
    disneyland castle
  5. When we booked a character meal, I really wasn’t expecting much more than a meal for us. I wasn’t expecting Mason to care too much for the characters walking around. But again, we were wrong. Goofy’s Kitchen was so much fun, the food was very good for a buffet, Mason was loving the characters walking around posing for pictures and hugs, really got into waving his napkin around when they did the walk through. It was a great meal and definitely worth the price in my opinion!
    character meal disneyland

Traveling to Disneyland soon? Take a look at my big list of Disneyland tips; from saving ideas to where to change and feed the baby! Don’t forget to bring me a long with your trip :)

What’s your favorite thing at Disneyland or that you would like to do?