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30 Weeks #Bumpdate

 30 WEEKS How far along? 30 weeks 1 day Maternity clothes: Comfort is my moto! Dresses, leggings, shorts Stretch marks? Just the love handles ;) Sleep: Tired of sleeping on my sides. But since I’m not a FTM, I do realize that even though I have trouble sleeping now, once baby comes my sleep will be even …

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25 Weeks #BumpDate

25 Weeks! How far along? 25 weeks 1 day Maternity clothes: For a while now, I am loving maternity dresses and looking forward to nicer weather! PNW rain you can go away now ;) Stretch marks? No, but extremely dry skin Sleep: Sleep has been a little worse the past few days, trying to get comfortable and bathroom …

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16 weeks ~ #pregnant

I will try to do these pregnancy updates every couple weeks and post bump pictures weekly on my social channels. I’m just now starting to show, finally getting out of the “I ate too much” stage! How far along? 16 weeks Maternity clothes: yes and anything that’s comfortable that still fits, although I’m starting to …

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