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Last month I happened upon the website for the Dressember campaign, which every year advocates around the world take on the challenge of wearing a dress or tie for the entire month of December. So, 31 days of dresses! The dress or tie serves as a conversation starter to educate the community about modern slavery.

Slavery exists in every city around the world. It haunts massage parlors and truck stops. It circles most major sporting events. And it may exist right next door to you.

More than 30 million people are enslaved worldwide.

Human Trafficking generates about $150 billion a year.

About 2 million children are currently exploited in the global commercial sex trade.

Since 2013, Dressember has grown into an international movement to save lives.
In less than five years, Dressember advocates have raised over $5 million, committing to increasing global awareness and eradication of slavery and sex trafficking.
We work with our grant partners to bring relief, restoration, and resources to victims around the world. It is our hope that through a growing, collaborative community of advocates, we ultimately dismantle the human trafficking industry from every angle.


By joining DRESSEMBER, I want to bring awareness to human trafficking and raise funds to help those affected by it. I began hearing/learning about sex trafficking about a year ago, it’s a subject that weighs heavy on my heart and I’d like to bring awareness to it as much as possible. It’s a tough subject to talk about, let alone think about.

We need to be talking about it though, we need everyone to be aware that it is happening in our backyards and we will no longer turn a blind eye. Anyone can get caught up in it; abducted, drugged and groomed. The runaway is in just as much danger, they are vulnerable and can easily be abducted before someone even realizes. We as a community need to show these victims we care, and show these monsters that we aren’t going to stand for it to happen anymore.

If you’d like more information you can go here, leave me a comment or email me. I’d love to chat! And please think about joining me in wearing a dress every day in December to raise awareness about human trafficking.


Sharing is caring!