Welcome New Year!

With the bringing of the new year comes everyone’s talk of resolutions. You may not agree with everyone making resolutions or you may be the queen of resolutions. But change isn’t exactly a bad thing, if your doing it for yourself. When is wanting the best for your life a bad thing?

2015, I want to start off “fresh”! Clean eating, spending more time with my family, exercise, adventure; is always on my mind throughout the year. What I want to change this year right from the beginning, starting fresh, is a little something for me and also a little something for my family. I want to be more involved with my blog, I would love to consider it a part-time maybe leading into a full-time job someday. I would love to have a section of my blog for “traveling with kids”, remember this is my dream but I would love to travel with my family for free or almost free, see the world through not only my eyes but a child’s, without braking the bank. Even if I start out small with “traveling the PNW”. I love writing, I love taking photographs(especially of my child), I love exploring/adventures, I’m a child at heart and that will never change.

For all you locals; another topic I would love to start writing about is local happenings, or finding fun things to do with your kids. I constantly get the wonderful compliment of all the great things I do with Mason. We keep very busy, since he was about a month old you would find us out and about almost every day, simple things to like the park, library, even just the grocery store. He is a very well-rounded child. We (usually) know all the events happening each weekend, I’m a planner, a slight case of ocpd(Obsessive-Compulsive Planning Disorder). It’s just how my brain functions. But I’ve come to realize some people just don’t think the same way I do or they don’t have the time to think of something to do with their child. Since I always have everything written down in my binder and planner, I should just transfer it to the blog 🙂 And not all the stuff we do cost money, sure I find experiences should come before materials but I find a lot of free or cheap stuff to do and I’ll be sure to incorporate those in my writing.


Did you make a resolution this year? What’s your take on the whole resolution making? I’d love for your comments.

Happy New Year!! New year, new beginnings.

Thank you for your comments!