Weekend Randomness

  • We finally checked out the Lowes kids workshop. If you have one around your area, go check it out. Mason had a great time hammering his project, of course I had to help with a lot of it. It’s free and they give each kid a kit, an apron and a pair of googles. First come first serve so make sure you get there early. He made a goofy golf for Father’s Day and he was so proud to show him and all the way home was saying “Dad is gonna laugh so hard”. http://www.lowesbuildandgrow.com/
  • Tangled is such a cute movie, if you haven’t seen it yet go rent it. We found it at the library on Saturday and finally got to watch it. Defiantly need to add to our movie collection!
  • Mason went on his weekly date with his gamby and papa, they took him to a movie but it didn’t go too well. Only sat still for about 20 min I guess. So, maybe Cars 2 won’t be such a good idea 🙁
  • We had a pretty mellow weekend; yard work, naps, cleaning house, errands, watching movies and playing in the yard

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    1. I LOOOOVE Tangled!! I want to buy it! My almost 3 year old daughter liked it until about half way through… she's more into tv shows and movies where animals are the theme. (Max & Ruby, Winnie the Pooh, Wonder Pets, Bambi, etc).. so I may I have to buy it for myself. Ha ha

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    3. We LOVE Tangled!I am a new follower from Follow Me, Chickadee! I'd love it if you came by to follow back. Thanks!~HollyTwins Plus One, Three Times the Fun

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