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Drink your nutrients with Vitapod! While saving the earth!

Drink your nutrients with Vitapod! While saving the earth!


I received this product for free from Moms Meet to use and post my honest opinions. Compensation for this post was provided and this page may contain affiliate links.


We may not be perfect, but my family and I try really hard to consume healthy nutritious food and drinks. I find it very important to stay away from dyes, high fructose syrup and things I can’t even pronounce. I’m very thankful that our go-to is usually water. We do love our coffee, tea, flavored water, juice boxes and no judgement if you’re a soda lover(your body, your choice). I’m just glad I don’t have to argue with my kids to drink more water!

On that same note, my kids aren’t huge veggie and/or meat eaters so their body lacks some nutrients. 

Vitapod is here to change the way you drink water. You can have your flavored drink, get your water intake and get nutrients into your body. Vitapod beverages are overflowing with nutrients essential to our daily lives to close the nutrition gap that leaves 9 out of 10 Americans under-nourished. 

Vitapod is also environmentally friendly as the pods contain 90% less plastic than single-use bottles. And the pods are recyclable, they also send you a bag you can fill to return back to the company.

Healthy family! Healthy planet!


Did you know? Vitapod’s mixing chamber blends the pods with water at 690 RPMs, which is faster than the blades of a helicopter!


With the Vitapod machine you make beverages that are filled with nutrients, flavored filtered water without the wasteful plastic bottle. 

The machine has a filtration system that purifies water better than market leaders.

It cools water to the optimal temperature for hydration, allowing the body to absorb water quicker than water that’s too hot or cold. If you’d like your drink chilled, you can add ice to the tank. 

It’s easy to set up, clean, and empty the tank. Making the beverages is also very easy; my thirteen year old really enjoys being able to make his own drink.

You can either use the bottle they provide or a cup/bottle of your choice, just make sure it’s at least 17 oz. But you can stop the water at any time by pressing the GO button if needed. It has three drink size selections; 16.9oz for recommended size, 8.5oz produces a stronger drink and 3.5oz for a shot size. The size selection is perfect if you just want a quick pick me up of nutrients.

Currently they have 11 different Vitapod flavors. All are made 100% natural ingredients, all but the Sports+ have zero sugar, it has 2g of organic cane sugar to provide energy to working muscles. For ages 4 and up. The Iced Tea+, Sports+, and Energy+ pods contain caffeine and are recommended to drink in moderation if pregnant or breastfeeding. 

Flavors that are currently available;

Hydra+ Blueberry Pomegranate

Hydra+ Watermelon

Hydra+ Pineapple Coconut

Hydra Cotton Candy

Hydra+ Cotton Candy

Iced Tea+ Peach

Iced Tea Lemon Infusion

Energy+ Orange Zest

Sports+ Green Apple

Immunity+ Blackberry Mint

Beauty+ Raspberry Hibiscus


We are so happy the Vitapod came into our lives; they taste great, saves the planet from plastic bottles and I no longer need to buy multi-vitamin supplements for the family. 


Where to purchase Vitapod?

You can purchase the Vitapod machine and pods exclusively at The Vitapod machine typically retails for $349 but right now it’s on sale for $199 and when you use the code below you save an extra $15, what a great deal! 

Save $15 on a Vitapod Machine or Vitapod Machine Starter Pack at when you use code MOM15. Expires 9/30/21



Dennis Burke

Saturday 9th of April 2022

Most energy bars and drinks list the ingredients and amounts. I have looked at at least 10 different sites describing the pods but non of them have any information the potency of the ingredients.