Well, the day has come. The US Open 2015 in my home town, University Place aka Chambers Bay has begun 🙂

us open chambers bayToday is the official start date of the practice rounds and the tournament starts Thursday, we have seen some traffic but nothing compared to what I think Thursday thru Sunday is going to look like. But I guess it’s better to be mentally prepared then not to expect any increase of traffic/people. This past weekend they had the merchandise pavilion open to the public for free which was awesome to check out. Although the natural procrastinator I am went right at the last minute and didn’t get to experience the whole days event on Sunday which they had a flag day ceremony. I do find it a little odd that it wasn’t advertised more especially to the residents of U.P, who’ve had to put up with everything and will have to for the next week!! What’s up with that? But we got our memorabilia and got to see the place. And WOW! Without the pillar structures I couldn’t picture where anything used to be. As a resident I do wonder are they going to remove everything they’ve put up, including the as-fault walk way, where the huge grassy area (the movie in the park and kite festival) used to be?!!

us open chambers bayus open chambers bayus open chambers bayus open chambers bay

Don’t get me wrong what an awesome opportunity for University Place to host!! I just hope the PGA takes at least half the time they did preparing for the opening to clean up our beautiful town!! Happy #USOpen2015 week!

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