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We have driven by the Tacoma Musical Playhouse MANY times and besides seeing the sign I had no idea what the place was, I honestly thought it was just a theater for acting classes. So last week I decided to do a Google search(cause that’s what I do best:) and found they were having a performance of Charlotte’s Web that weekend. Mason discovered the story of Charlotte’s Web last year in school and fell in love with Wilbur and Charlotte. I thought what perfect timing, he would love to see it.

We showed up an hour before showtime to buy tickets and we got pretty good seats. Mason had such a huge smile when actors were singing and loved the whole performance. It was a very good show, good price(even the concessions), good amount of time not too long and had a short intermission(great to take kids). I loved there was a pianist and not recorded music. After the show all the actors were waiting in a line by the doors, so you could meet them if you chose.

If your in the area they have another weekend of Charlotte’s Web. November 8th 11:00am & 2:00pm and November 9th 2:00pm go here to buy tickets!


And the next family performance is A Charlie Brown Christmas, go to their website to find times. And tickets are only $10, what a great experience for cheap! If you need Christmas present ideas, this would make a great experience gift!! (Just an idea) They also have a Sing Along with Santa on December 6th!

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