The truth behind a blog, why I hate social media!!

While following some of my favorite bloggers or social media maven’s, I often only see their positive-happy-good parts in their life. And I often catch myself jealous and comparing my own life. Yes, the sucky-hard-negative parts in life aren’t always fun to read. But I will honestly say I hate social media for that! Truth is behind that little “perfect” blog, there is a person that has the same life struggles as everyone else (maybe not the exact same, but something). Let’s all be real here! We want to know you’re human.

My truth for the day is, seriously why can’t there be a manual for raising a child!!! 

It’s like riding a roller coaster with Mason and school. And we(my husband and I) are loosing our minds about what to do. Half the time it’s a smooth ride and he has amazing days at school. While others, take yesterday he was determined he didn’t want to be there within the first hour of school, refused to do his work in class, sat in the office and did it until I came to pick him up, proceeded to happily do it at home. And today his mouth hurts to bad from a canker sore to be sitting in the class that he knows he won’t have a good day. He’s manipulative and determined! He knows the material, so that’s not it. We take away privileges(ALL electronics, playing with neighbor kids outside, friends over), we’ve talked about missing too much school he’ll have to do summer school or a cop coming to talk to him. Right now he’s out shoveling holes – okay that sounds worst than it is – he’s out putting up a fence and shoveling holes with my hubby. He thinks he knows everything, and is on a huge kick about everyone is “forcing” him to do stuff. We are just lost on what else to do, I cringe during the weekdays when the phone rings! I’m loosing my mind. Can’t 2nd grade be over already and it SUMMER VACATION!! 25 days


See it’s okay, to post/blog about the truth, even the ugly nasty truth! Don’t fool yourself, we all know you aren’t perfect! So, that’s just one of my life’s struggles, care to share one of yours?

why i hate social media, the truth behind a blog

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  1. Love this, Tabitha! We are counting down the days until summer, too!
    PS Do you think he might be gifted? Gifted kids get in trouble at school a lot because they’re Bored.

    1. 24 days!!! Yes, I have heard that and yes he has always been advanced and is pretty bright for 8. He will occasionally play the “dumb/I don’t know how to do the work” card but if you don’t engage in *it*, he will sit down and finished a paper very quickly. Especially math, he is very good at math. In our last parent/teacher meeting they said they were going to test him, so we shall see.

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